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It is officially the last week of classes before Spring Break begins!!!!!!! This week is so hectic, both internships have started, (Teen Voices & AIDS Action Committee) and the final stages of planning are going on for Alternative Spring Break! Life is so good, so busy, and so many amazing things have been going on that I never would've expected. The negatives don't even matter! I'm up blaring Adele, making an Excel Spreadsheet for one of my internships, and hiding under the covers from the ferocious wind outside! I'll keep you posted on how next week goes building homes!! :) Photo 533.jpg


Above is a picture of my family's 2 pet fish!

While almost everyone at Simmons is away for the long weekend, I did not go anywhere, but had visitors come to me! My 2 visitors are my family's 2 pet Beta fishies! Why do I have to take them in to live with me in my already tight quarters? Well, because my family is on vacation in Palm Springs, California for 10 days without me (or the fishies for that matter). The fishies and I are keeping each other company since my roommate and friends are away as well.

My family bought these fishes for my younger brother in December. They are both male Beta fish - infamous for fighting and killing each other if housed in the same tank, hence the need for the divider in the picture above. I have to say though, that I enjoy feeding them and observing them more than my brother does, so I am happy to have them with me for the next couple weeks! Sadly, these fishies are still nameless, so feel free to throw out any clever ideas!

I have officially started working at BOTH of my internships. I love them both, and I'm sure the work-load will be a bit stressful to start off, but I know I can handle it! Another exciting thing is that I am in the Vagina Monologues, which is this weekend. I'm so nervous, and I have never really been on stage before, so this is me trying something new. So wish me luck! But other than that, school is busy, life is busy, and overall I just miss my family, and wish I had a weekend that I could go home and spend time with them, even if it was doing nothing but watching tv. Anyway, back to my essays. :)

(Picture on page 10 from the Febuary 9, 2012 issue of the Simmons Voice)

My roommate can attest to the fact that I truly enjoy sitting at my desk and catching up with the Simmons Community by reading our weekly newspaper, The Simmons Voice. I enthusiastically grab one wherever I see it, and am sad that I have not had too much time to read it this semester. However, this week's editorial piece attacking the annual Simmons formal event filled with dinner and dancing, Simmons Soiree, caught my attention. The figure (that I posted above) accompanying the editorial piece summed up the article pretty accurately since the article expressed negative views about the event. Not only did this piece address last years Soiree, but it also bashed this year's Soiree - primarily about its theme, the ticket price, and ignorance towards the opinions of the student body while planning the event.

This article seemed too harsh to me, especially since this year's Soiree has not even happened yet!!! It is ignorant to judge a book before you've read it; a movie before you've seen it; a place before you've been there; and an event before you've attended it.

Being a part of Class Council where a bulk of our efforts are spent in planning and organizing events for the Simmons Community, I understand the time, energy, and effort that goes into planning such a large scale event. Thus, it is important to be careful not to criticize when you do not know all of the behind the scenes logistics and need for executive decisions to be made.Yes, some people were not satisfied with last year's Soiree, but I am fairly certain that more students would be disappointed if CAB did not put together large events such as Soiree.

I think it is great for the Simmons Community to come together at large events and enjoy each others company outside of the often stressful college environment. Yet, I agree with the editorial image that more can be done to make Soiree a more fun event. Maybe having some raffles, a dance-off, musical entertainment by Simmons professors, different activities, or cute (free!) event memorabilia would make Soiree more enjoyable and attract more people to go.

Although I think it was unkind to dampen the mood of all the people involved with planning Soiree who were also so greatly looking forward to it, I am glad to see Simmons students fearlessly taking the initiative to express their real opinions.

This month has flown by!! So much has been going on! I'm balancing five classes, two internships, the Vagina Monologues, and Alternative Spring break! It's a challenge, but I really love it! Alternative Spring Break is less than a month away, and my co-leaders and I are finalizing the last details and getting really excited to head out and work with habitat for humanity again this year! The V. Monologues are coming up next weekend, so last rehearsals are coming up, and that's a bit stressful, so hopefully I don't get stage fright! My classes are going really well, and the homework load is manageable for now! And then for my internships, I'm working with Teen Voices editing teens, and I'm also working at AIDS action committee writing up a proposal! I'm living out my dream. I love it. :)

Yesterday was the last swimming and diving dual met for the Sharks. We played against the talented Plymouth State University's team. It was a great fight and we ended up winning. It was a great way to end the season with an amazing overall record 8-4 for us. Now, the swimmers who qualified for the New England championship are still preparing for the upcoming event. I joined the swimming team this semester, and I have to admit I think it was one of the best choice I could have made. I met great and passionate girls. The coaches are amazing, and getting back to a sport I have loved since I was little was enriching. I hope I will be able to cheer for my teammates during the New England championship, and otherwise I will be back on the team next semester!!!! I cannot wait! Besides that, it is the Superbowl weekend and a lot of events are going to be on campus with free food, refreshments, and the Superbowl on TV. Don't miss out, Simmons and Mesick first floors will be packed. GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Quote of the day : " Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is" Zig Ziglar


Now that the second week of this semester is rounding off, I am beginning to adapt to my new schedule filled with 5 new classes, organization meetings, and fun events! This week started out sweet with Class Council 2014's "Welcome Back Cake Cutting". We also conducted a short survey at the table to gather feedback from our classmates about events they would like to see happen on campus and their top choice for our class trip this April. After compiling the results, New York City was the most common choice. Last year we went to Newport, RI for our class trip which was lots of fun, and we hope this year's trip will be even bigger and better! Stay tuned for more details!

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are my most hectic days, thus I have even started packing my own lunch those mornings; I am now a PB&J chef! Luckily, my Fridays are shorter than they have been for the past two semesters. Last semester, I had a 3 hour physics lab every Friday, and the Spring semester before that I had a 4 hour Organic Chemistry I lab every Friday!

As for this weekend, I'll be busy preparing for my 2 exams and 1 quiz that I have next week. And of course, I am excited for Super Bowl XLVI! Go Pats!

On Wednesday, February 1st, I attended the 20th Annual Clothesline Project after the SGA forum. My friend, Sasha P (who was also in the Simmons World Challenge class) helped organize this event. It was such an emotional event and I wanted to take the time to share this with you if you missed it.

I feel that it is important to acknowledge that violence is still occurring in society today and it should not be avoided nor should it be ignored. For you and me, it may just be another headline in the news but these stories are real and the people who are hurting need help. Some people suffer every day, whether it be physically or mentally, and I think that it's important to support events like these to let the survivors and people who are struggling with domestic violence know that we are working towards moving forward to educate each other and end violence one person at a time.

Below is a description of the Clothesline Project:

"The Clothesline Project is a visual display which bears witness to domestic violence and sexual assault. it is comprised of a series of color-coded shirts hung on a clothesline. Each shirt is decorated to represent a person's experience of rape, incest, battery, or homophobia; or as a tribute to someone who has been murdered. The shirts are decorated by the survivors themselves or by their loved ones. The Clothesline Project was initiated by a group of women in 1990 on Cape Cod , and it has grown throughout the country."

Yellow or Beige- For people who have been battered or assaulted
Red, Pink, or Orange- For people who have been raped or sexually assaulted
Blue or Green- For survivors of incest or child abuse
Purple or lavender- For people attacked because of their sexual orientation
White- For people who have died in violence

Pictured above is the T-shirt Raising where they add new shirts to the collection.

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