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SCVB Workouts!

Conditioning and Training hard for Volleyball Season 2012

In about a week I will begin to train with the Simmons College Volleyball (SCVB) team in agilities, cardio, and certainly more techniques during a LEAP class offered through the Simmons gym. We are all taking the LEAP class, "Train like an Athlete" and this will surely keep us in shape for our spring and fall next season.

The LEAP classes will be from 7 AM to 8 AM three days a week. My first reaction was, "aww, no sleeping in until 8:30 anymore!" but I am actually really glad that the girls have decided to do this together at this time. I think it will really make our team stronger physically, mentally, and make us closer and to be honest, waking up earlier to work out will make feel more productive.

I am also looking forward to working out and eating healthier. My coach assigned us winter workouts and I find it so hard to work out alone. I ran a few 45s (commonly known as suicides) and without my team, I felt like I was going to go crazy! My coach calls them 45s because in 45 seconds, you better be done running or else! A couple of my teammates were able to cut their sprints to 30-35 seconds by the end of the last season! I was running them at 38-39 seconds by the end of the season, which was good for me because I'm not a very fast sprinter, especially with my short legs.

All in all, I am determined to work hard with my team to not only make it to the finals, but also win the GNAC finals next season. This past season, we were ranked fourth in our GNAC conference and were GNAC semi-finalists. With the team chemistry we have, the skills on the team, and our work ethic, I am sure that we will kick some major butt next season!

Posted by Sandy Lor on January 29, 2012 4:23 PM
Category: Athletics