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Wow! I don't know about everyone else, but this fall semester has really gotten me beat! I honestly really feel that I learned and grew so much as a person this year. I learned things about myself that I truly value and I also know not to study on my bed anymore. I am going to take all the things that I learned and apply it positively to next semester.

I feel like often times, I have to look back at the person I was when I was a little girl because that girl I knew, had so much passion and determination. And it's not to say that I don't have motivation, it's just that sometimes, I lose sight of what I really want and get distracted. My older sister, Chaoy, told me that college is an experience that I can use to learn how to put distractions aside and just focus. I believe that is something I have been struggling with this semester and I hope I can learn the tricks on how to do it soon!

My plan for next semester is to stay more organized. I plan to make a huge poster of my goals to remind me everyday what I need to be focusing on. I mean to you, it might seem like I'm all work, and no play, but for me, this is fun! I enjoy working towards my goals and I love school and all the great opportunities that come with it!

Like many people I know, I won't be actually taking time off to relax during winter break. I am trying to obtain 60 hours of shadowing my dentist and orthodontist in a week and a half before I go back to Simmons. I am also enrolled in the two-week World Challenge; Living on the Edge of Poverty winter course at Simmons in January! (I will blog more about this in another entry.)

I am applying to many pre-dental summer programs and summer research experiences for undergraduates during the winter; I wanted to try this new thing where I don't do too many things at once, but I don't think I'm making much of an effort to really do that. I really hope things work out!

Upcoming school-wide events in the Spring Semester 2012!

SGA: Student Affairs Officer

  • Plan & Host Connections Carnival, student organization fair (January 25th, 2012)

  • Plan & Co-host with Academic Affairs Officer: Molly Maiden Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony (May 3rd, 2012

  • More Judicial Cabinet meetings!

What are your plans for the winter?


The swimming and diving team won the GNAC CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!! Once again we did has been a tradition for 8 years now. The more I look at how we do in our sports conferences the better I get what it takes to win.

People often think that because Simmons College is a division III school in sports, the level of competitiveness is not that important. Besides the fact that they are wrong, most students have no clue what it takes to be a student athlete. As athletes, we see sport as more than just an activity to stay in shape. It is a passion.

Each day that we practice at 6 am in the morning, and feel our legs burning, and our heart beating faster and faster and we fight our brain telling us to stop and rest, we overcome a stage and become better athletes. We have a bigger purpose than just swimming to swim, we strive to be the best we can be, and that has nothing to do with any division level. For that fact, I just want to congratulate the whole swimming team!!!

" Champions keep playing until they get it right" Billie Jean King

Pictured below: Two MAD SCIENTISTS!
madscientist1.jpg Madscientists.jpg

Mad Scientists!

As I mention frequently in my previous blogs, I've always enjoyed drawing and painting as a child. The arts allowed me to express myself in a way I felt that I couldn't do otherwise, and as I grew up, I began to develop an interest in the sciences and the chemistry of life.

Now that I am a college student, I want to seek a career that fits my interests. It was never brought to my attention that there was a field dedicated to the arts and sciences until I began working with Dr. Leonard Soltzberg, who is currently retired, in the Simmons College Chemistry labs.

Nnennaya, a junior majoring in chemistry, and I were selected from a pool of applicants last spring semester and began working this fall. This research will continue through next semester. Nnennaya and I both recently applied for a student research grant individually to help fund more materials for the research, so cross your fingers for us!

The research that we are involved with is in collaboration with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) involving the identification of dyes used in 19th-20th century Japanese block prints. The objective of this research deals with the history of Japanese art and whether or not synthetic dyes were used during the 19th to early 20th century. Learning the history behind the art is important to understanding the cultural background, as well as potentially authenticating a work of art. For example, if our research shows that there were only natural dyes used during that era, then any Japanese painting from that time should not contain synthetic manufactured dyes. If a work did contain a synthetic dye then it can be concluded that it was not an authentic Japanese block print from the late 19th and early 20th century and was created after that time period. We're pretty much crime scene investigators for the MFA. :)

I am so grateful for this opportunity! Each day at work is like a fun day of a fun class! What I love about it most is that I can say anything and not be afraid about being wrong and I especially love that I don't have to worry about getting a grade! I am getting paid for this Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) funded by the Dreyfus Research and I am learning so much!

Pictured below is a Japanese block print sample from the MFA.

My science background:

I am a sophomore standing college student, and I have taken many science courses including Intro to Chemistry 113, Intro to Biology 113, Environmental Science Biology 104, Organic Chemisty 114, and I am currently enrolled in Organic Chemistry 225. I am currently participating in Dr. Richard Gurney's Organic Chemistry 114 & 225 research integrated course. I have developed and learned laboratory techniques such as: safety, scaling of a chemical reaction, recrystallization, preparation of a chemical synthesis, thin layer chromatography (TLC), melting point, rotovap, distillation, Carbon13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (CNMR), Hydrogen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HNMR), and Infrared Spectrometry (IR). I have maintained a Wiki page documenting the laboratory techniques I have learned. I am a highly motivated student and I have made the Dean's list this past year.

Read more about the research:

Continue reading Crime Scene Investigator: Museum of Fine Arts.

The last week of classes is approaching quickly and it's finally settling in that I really have to buckle down and get all these essays and finals over with! I got accepted into World Challenge, so I wont have much of a Christmas break this year, but that's fine. I'm really excited to take this class, and hopefully the week at home will rejuvenate me.

Anyway, I'm going to a Mac Miller concert tonight with one of my best friends so that should be a nice break from work. I only have one assignment due Monday which is an absolute miracle!!! I'm still really sick though, so hopefully the concert won't wear me out too much =[ I hope if you're reading this your finals go well, and we can all get through it! Half way through sophomore year babbyyyyyyyy :)

tania.jpg My sister and I at the wedding!

Every November, I eagerly anticipate Thanksgiving break because of the delicious food and down time at home with family and friends! This Thanksgiving was filled with great food, and time with the family, but I wouldn't exactly call it down time.

After Thanksgiving dinner, my family had to pack and get some rest before traveling to upstate New York the following morning for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. It was a fun and grand gathering with relatives coming from all over - Pakistan, Canada, California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent helping with wedding preparation and attending daily family brunches, lunches, and dinners! Getting to see everyone was really nice, however driving back, not so much. The usual 5 hour drive took a total of 8 hours due to traffic on Sunday!!!

Taking part in all the wedding festivities kept me up and going, with barely any down time. The story is no different here at school. Having survived the first week back, I am staying positive and working hard in order to successfully make it through these last 2 weeks! Will I finally get my highly anticipated down time then? Stay tuned to find out! :)

Best of luck to everyone! We can do it!

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