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¡Voy a Espana!


Because Simmons College is a liberal arts college, we are required to fulfill modes. Last spring semester, I took Spanish 101 and I am currently taking Spanish 102. This summer, I hope to study abroad in Spain with the Simmons traveling course to fulfill my last required Spanish language course. Every time someone talks about his or her travels around the world, I feel so jealous, wondering: Why can't I travel? In all honesty, my parents are way too over protective. Because I am the youngest out of six children, I understand that they will especially be over protective about me; however, I decided to take one last shot at asking them to allow me to go overseas and surprisingly they said YES!

I wish my parents had made up their mind earlier so I could've applied for study abroad scholarships through Simmons but I suppose I will just have to wing it! Now that I have the permission to go, I feel that I have to pick and choose my journeys wisely. I am looking to apply to multiple Pre-dental programs and Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs) for this summer. I really hope that the scheduling for my study abroad traveling course does not conflict with my summer programs or I will really be in a dilemma! But I love that there are so many options out there for not only me but for everyone. You really just have to put the effort, find the opportunities, and take advantage of it!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

!Hasta pronto amigos!

Posted by Sandy Lor on November 15, 2011 2:14 PM
Category: Academics