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Thanksgiving Break!

This Thanksgiving Break is a hard one for me. I got the news today that my grandfather has about 24 hours to live, and I haven't seen him since July. He really was the best man that I have met, my father being second of course! So, this break as I stay on campus, tissues will be used, fast food will be eaten, and sad songs will be played. What do I do now that he's going to be gone? It's a question that I keep asking myself. This thanksgiving, I have nothing good going for me. I just turned 19, went skydiving, which granted was the most amazing thing I've ever done, but I've had severe health issues for the past month that don't seem to have an ending anytime soon, now my grandfather, and on top of that juggling someone i'm dating, and all the homework that I have to finish in these last few weeks of school. It's horrendous. I'm sorry that my entry really has no exciting moments, or anything to smile over. I just needed to keep it real and write this down.

Posted by Naomi Chick on November 21, 2011 5:26 PM