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Student Government Association; Judiciary Cabinet

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(This is a logo I designed for our SGA)

Last semester, I was elected as the Student Government Association (SGA) Students Affairs Officer for the academic year 2011-2012. With the role of Student Affairs Officer comes multiple responsibilities. I run the Judiciary Cabinet (JCAB) Meetings whenever necessary. Two other huge events that I plan is the Connections Carnival, a student involvement fair, and I co-organize the Leadership Recognition Ceremony, a ceremony to honor all the Simmons student leaders.

Our next JCAB meeting will be in two weeks, November 16th, 2011 from 3:00-5:30 pm in Management Building M201. The main focus of our meeting deals with a lot of new organization presentations and constitution review. The following clubs/interest groups have expressed interest in presenting to become an organization.

Circle K
Gout d?afrique-toa
Holistic Health
Photography Club
Social Justice for Palestine (SJP)
National Organization of Women (NOW)
Gamers Soundtrack Club

As you may or may not know, the process of becoming an organization can be quite tedious and time consuming. Just to remind you, new organizations need to present to JCAB first and if the majority [2/3] vote yes (with or without recommendations), they will then present before SGA and the senators to finally vote.

Student orgs might want to prepare for this meeting by keeping an open mind and preparing questions or concerns you might have for each new organization. I really feel that students in the JCAB and SGA really have a say in the college. I want to encourage JCAB members to ask as many questions and give as much feedback as they can to the presenting organizations while remaining respectful. If these student organizations make it through to present in front of SGA, they will be questioned as well, so it will be beneficial to the presenting orgs if we asked questions even if they are obvious. (Questions for new orgs can be something like: How do you plan to be sustainable? How does your organization differ from this one that already exists?) I am so excited for us to have our first real meeting! Let?s make it a successful one.

Depending on our progress on Wednesday, we may or may not review some constitutions. We will definitely have a vote to amend the constitution on constitution reviews. Normally, JCAB annually review ALL of the constitutions for every organization, but we have the chance to vote on how many we would like to review for the academic year at our meeting.

Everyone is invited to this meeting so tell all your friends, but ultimately, only the permanent-voting members can vote. Everyone else can most definitely come and ask questions.

Permanent voting members include the following organizations...

1. Senior Class President Representative
2. Junior Class President Representative
3. Sophomore Class President Representative
4. First-year Class President Representative
5. The Alliance Representative
6. Asian Student Association Representative
7. Black Student Organization Representative
8. Campus Activities Board Representative
9. Commuter Student Organization Representative
10. Dix Scholars Association Representative
11. Simmons Islamic Society Representative
12. Organizacion Latinoamericana Representative
13. Residence Housing Association Representative

Posted by Sandy Lor on November 5, 2011 10:54 PM
Category: Clubs & Organizations