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Quality time with friends this weekend!

As everyone is busy getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving, I'm glad I was able to hang out with my friends on Friday and Saturday before we all leave for a few days. After all my classes and physics lab on Friday, I went to a meeting for an organization that my friend Rimsha is working on starting at our college. The organization is called Students for Justice in Palestine, or simply SJP as it is called at numerous other colleges in not only the Boston area, but in the country! I am so proud of her for putting in all the effort for a cause she is truly passionate about and holding such a productive meeting. The three main things that were accomplished at the meeting were voting in order to create an E-board, thinking about different possible events, and brainstorming marketing strategies!

A little later that same evening, I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate another friend's birthday! We decided to go to Brown Sugar Cafe, and since I was the only one out of our bunch who had been there before, I was excited to see what my friends thought of the restaurant! We got there and it was packed, so we had to wait a little while in the cold, but at the end everyone agreed that the wait was well worth it! My favorite dish there is called "Chicken Mermaid" and I would definitely recommend everyone to go there, especially if you are celebrating someone's birthday. Just be sure to let your waiter/waitress know whose birthday in your party it is, and there will be a wonderful surprise after your dinner! :) I am so tempted to let you know what it is, but trust me, you will enjoy it so much more if you go there and experience it for yourself!

Saturday was an equally eventful day with friends! In the afternoon, Class Council of 2014 sponsored a Flag Football Tournament on the Residence Quad. where there were prizes for the winning team, the best team name, the best team uniform, and the best sportsmanship. Later in the evening, Simmons Islamic Society (SIS) hosted a ladies only Eid dance. There was a great mix of desi, Arab, and American music, along with yummy snacks, and a choreographed E-board dance! It was a fun event with more than 100 people in attendance! It is a traditional event for SIS, thus if you didn't get a chance to come this year, there is always next year!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Posted by Tania Bajwa on November 20, 2011 12:32 PM
Category: Campus life