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Life is filled with so much mystery. One minute, you think you know where you are and the next, you're back to where you were: lost and confused.

I had a conversation with a great friend of mine the other night about the reason for my/our existence. I know that I want to be happy and successful in life; but is there something more to life than success? The only thing that I can come up with right now is that I was given life to help others and make a positive impact in this world, be happy with my own life decisions, to love my family and friends, and enjoy myself while I'm doing it. Even though reading this topic on my blog may sound silly to you, don't you ever wonder what is the meaning of life is? We are born, our parents look after us to adulthood, then what? We find our mate, create a family, and eventually die. Yes it is the circle of life, but why does it exist, or why do we exist? Boy, do I sound like my philosophy professor.

I am currently taking a BioMedical Ethics philosophy course with Professor Lee Mcintyre and my head always hurts when I leave his class. And it isn't a bad kind of hurt, it's a good kind. The type of hurt that lets you know that your brain was working and thinking hard and thoroughly about the issues presented in class. Maybe I have been doing too much philosophy reading and writing, but then again, you can never have too much or enough of it.

Going back to my original topic, this isn't the first time I thought about the idea of the reasons for life. Two years ago, on our way back from a long night of work, I was expressing all my thoughts to my mom about all the possible reasons for my existence (I wasn't holding back either). Of course, She thought I was crazy! Yes, you might think that I am crazy too but, I think that sometimes I just want solid reasons why things happen and I just want to know what will happen in the future and why things happen the way they do. Maybe I just want answers. I want to know what's the right thing to do and what I should be doing right now to fulfill my purpose of life; Don't we all though, or is it just me? But I suppose some things are better left unknown. I guess that's what makes life exciting and even worth living. You just never know. I feel like I have more to worry about than pondering the meaning of life, but its good to think about it once in a while.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the meaning of your life, of human life, or just of life in general.


It was thanksgiving break, and a friend of mine from New Jersey came to visit. I had planned to stay in to do homework, but I ended up walking in the dazzling streets of Boston. I experienced Black Friday! It was fun; my friends and I went to Macy's downtown.

There were about 400 people or more waiting. We got there around 11:30pm and had to wait until 12:30am for the doors to open. Around 12:25am the people in the front of the line saw some workers coming out of the back of the store, they started screaming, so we all ended up screaming!

At 12:30am sharp, when the doors opened, we held on to each other and pushed through the mass. It was quite scary but enjoyable. We had great purchases! I wish it could be Black Friday every day.

"I don't shop because I need something, I just shop for shopping's sake." Cat Deeley



It's been a while since I have written, and a lot has happened since. The most exciting is that I finally joined the Simmons swimming team.

I have wanted to join the team since last year, but I was really hesitant because the swimming season starts when the tennis season is still going on. I met the coach, and she accepted me! It has been my toughest challenge so far, since the team is composed of great swimmers, and I have not swum in ten years.

I learnt how to swim back home in the ocean instead of a swimming pool since I live on an island. I thought after ten years I would still be able to swim as well as I used to, except that when I first jumped in the water I realized I had lost my technique and my breath. My goal is to go back to my old self in order to be a great addition to the team.

I already love all the girls on the team, and the coach Mindy Williams is amazing! She pushes us, and I have been learning so many skills that I will be able to apply to tennis. I am definitely becoming a better athlete and it feels great! :)

"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.Boldness has genius and power and magic in it." Goethe

This Thanksgiving Break is a hard one for me. I got the news today that my grandfather has about 24 hours to live, and I haven't seen him since July. He really was the best man that I have met, my father being second of course! So, this break as I stay on campus, tissues will be used, fast food will be eaten, and sad songs will be played. What do I do now that he's going to be gone? It's a question that I keep asking myself. This thanksgiving, I have nothing good going for me. I just turned 19, went skydiving, which granted was the most amazing thing I've ever done, but I've had severe health issues for the past month that don't seem to have an ending anytime soon, now my grandfather, and on top of that juggling someone i'm dating, and all the homework that I have to finish in these last few weeks of school. It's horrendous. I'm sorry that my entry really has no exciting moments, or anything to smile over. I just needed to keep it real and write this down.

As everyone is busy getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving, I'm glad I was able to hang out with my friends on Friday and Saturday before we all leave for a few days. After all my classes and physics lab on Friday, I went to a meeting for an organization that my friend Rimsha is working on starting at our college. The organization is called Students for Justice in Palestine, or simply SJP as it is called at numerous other colleges in not only the Boston area, but in the country! I am so proud of her for putting in all the effort for a cause she is truly passionate about and holding such a productive meeting. The three main things that were accomplished at the meeting were voting in order to create an E-board, thinking about different possible events, and brainstorming marketing strategies!

A little later that same evening, I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate another friend's birthday! We decided to go to Brown Sugar Cafe, and since I was the only one out of our bunch who had been there before, I was excited to see what my friends thought of the restaurant! We got there and it was packed, so we had to wait a little while in the cold, but at the end everyone agreed that the wait was well worth it! My favorite dish there is called "Chicken Mermaid" and I would definitely recommend everyone to go there, especially if you are celebrating someone's birthday. Just be sure to let your waiter/waitress know whose birthday in your party it is, and there will be a wonderful surprise after your dinner! :) I am so tempted to let you know what it is, but trust me, you will enjoy it so much more if you go there and experience it for yourself!

Saturday was an equally eventful day with friends! In the afternoon, Class Council of 2014 sponsored a Flag Football Tournament on the Residence Quad. where there were prizes for the winning team, the best team name, the best team uniform, and the best sportsmanship. Later in the evening, Simmons Islamic Society (SIS) hosted a ladies only Eid dance. There was a great mix of desi, Arab, and American music, along with yummy snacks, and a choreographed E-board dance! It was a fun event with more than 100 people in attendance! It is a traditional event for SIS, thus if you didn't get a chance to come this year, there is always next year!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Because Simmons College is a liberal arts college, we are required to fulfill modes. Last spring semester, I took Spanish 101 and I am currently taking Spanish 102. This summer, I hope to study abroad in Spain with the Simmons traveling course to fulfill my last required Spanish language course. Every time someone talks about his or her travels around the world, I feel so jealous, wondering: Why can't I travel? In all honesty, my parents are way too over protective. Because I am the youngest out of six children, I understand that they will especially be over protective about me; however, I decided to take one last shot at asking them to allow me to go overseas and surprisingly they said YES!

I wish my parents had made up their mind earlier so I could've applied for study abroad scholarships through Simmons but I suppose I will just have to wing it! Now that I have the permission to go, I feel that I have to pick and choose my journeys wisely. I am looking to apply to multiple Pre-dental programs and Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs) for this summer. I really hope that the scheduling for my study abroad traveling course does not conflict with my summer programs or I will really be in a dilemma! But I love that there are so many options out there for not only me but for everyone. You really just have to put the effort, find the opportunities, and take advantage of it!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

!Hasta pronto amigos!

SGA Logo FOF.jpg
(This is a logo I designed for our SGA)

Last semester, I was elected as the Student Government Association (SGA) Students Affairs Officer for the academic year 2011-2012. With the role of Student Affairs Officer comes multiple responsibilities. I run the Judiciary Cabinet (JCAB) Meetings whenever necessary. Two other huge events that I plan is the Connections Carnival, a student involvement fair, and I co-organize the Leadership Recognition Ceremony, a ceremony to honor all the Simmons student leaders.

Our next JCAB meeting will be in two weeks, November 16th, 2011 from 3:00-5:30 pm in Management Building M201. The main focus of our meeting deals with a lot of new organization presentations and constitution review. The following clubs/interest groups have expressed interest in presenting to become an organization.

Circle K
Gout d?afrique-toa
Holistic Health
Photography Club
Social Justice for Palestine (SJP)
National Organization of Women (NOW)
Gamers Soundtrack Club

As you may or may not know, the process of becoming an organization can be quite tedious and time consuming. Just to remind you, new organizations need to present to JCAB first and if the majority [2/3] vote yes (with or without recommendations), they will then present before SGA and the senators to finally vote.

Student orgs might want to prepare for this meeting by keeping an open mind and preparing questions or concerns you might have for each new organization. I really feel that students in the JCAB and SGA really have a say in the college. I want to encourage JCAB members to ask as many questions and give as much feedback as they can to the presenting organizations while remaining respectful. If these student organizations make it through to present in front of SGA, they will be questioned as well, so it will be beneficial to the presenting orgs if we asked questions even if they are obvious. (Questions for new orgs can be something like: How do you plan to be sustainable? How does your organization differ from this one that already exists?) I am so excited for us to have our first real meeting! Let?s make it a successful one.

Depending on our progress on Wednesday, we may or may not review some constitutions. We will definitely have a vote to amend the constitution on constitution reviews. Normally, JCAB annually review ALL of the constitutions for every organization, but we have the chance to vote on how many we would like to review for the academic year at our meeting.

Everyone is invited to this meeting so tell all your friends, but ultimately, only the permanent-voting members can vote. Everyone else can most definitely come and ask questions.

Permanent voting members include the following organizations...

1. Senior Class President Representative
2. Junior Class President Representative
3. Sophomore Class President Representative
4. First-year Class President Representative
5. The Alliance Representative
6. Asian Student Association Representative
7. Black Student Organization Representative
8. Campus Activities Board Representative
9. Commuter Student Organization Representative
10. Dix Scholars Association Representative
11. Simmons Islamic Society Representative
12. Organizacion Latinoamericana Representative
13. Residence Housing Association Representative

I went skydiving this morning!!!!! It was the scariest thing I have ever even imagined. My parents drove down and surprised me for my birthday (Monday)! Anyway, I can't even hear out of my ears! I was up 14,000 feet in the air!!! Absolutely terrifying!!! So good though, such a rush!

Picture above: my sister, my brother, and I dressed up for Eid last year!

I'm always super excited and happy when I come home from college to spend time with my family, but this time it's extra special because I am home to celebrate Eid al-Adha, an Islamic holiday celebrated by Muslims. "Eid al-Adha" translates to mean "Festival of Sacrifice" and it commemorates Abraham's (Ibrahim) willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God (Allah). Before Abraham could do so, God noted Abraham's dutifulness and Ishmael's acceptance of the command, and thus replaced Ishmael's body with a goat to be sacrificed instead.

Eid al-Adha celebrations begin after the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims worldwide. Eid related practices and traditions of people in different countries slightly vary. Every year my family gets dressed up in festive, traditional Pakistani clothing and we go to the mosque to pray special morning prayers. Following the prayers, the spiritual leader at the mosque, the Imam, delivers a sermon, usually about the importance of Eid and its fundamental aspect of charity. Every family is responsible for sharing meat with the needy, family, and friends. Then we join our family and friends for both lunch and dinner (usually at different people's homes) and gifts are also given out.

My mom has been busy preparing for Eid this entire past week because this year my family is hosting an Eid dinner party at our home. I'm especially excited because I will get to see my close friends who will also be home from college!

If you have friends or neighbors who will be celebrating Eid this weekend and want to wish them a happy holiday, the Eid greeting is "Eid Mubarak!"

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