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This cold, rainy, windy weather appropriately reflects this time period every fall semester. And it definitely doesn't help to make it any easier. All you want to do is stay in your warm comfy bed but you know that there are papers to write, exams to study for, spring semester course schedules to organize (I can't believe it's already time!), meetings to attend, and holiday travels to arrange. I could go on and on, but I would stress myself out even more so! The most important thing to remember is that you're not alone! Just last week, my roommate and I were discussing how we wished that the library was open 24 hours a day! And I believe that many others would agree. It is the perfect quiet, calm environment where you can tackle any assignment. I even feel comfortable taking a nap on a chair or a desk there.

In times like these when I feel angry, frustrated, and stressed because of schoolwork, I remember my high school principal repeating our school motto, "learning sustains the human spirit". And now more than ever, these words ring true. I have learned so much in just these past two months of the semester and I am so grateful to my professors for that. I know that once I am into the second or third week of winter break I will be itching to be back at Simmons - active, busy, and working hard - just like all my fellow classmates - because that's just who we are!

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These past weeks have been really busy. Most of us have been having midterms and pulling all-nighters. Fortunately, the professors try to make the best out of our learning experience and make sure we are going to succeed by making study guides or even organizing class study sessions.

When I see how busy they are, with research for example, and how they try to fit a private study session on students' request, I am impressed. Anyways, it is finally the weekend, and I am excited.

Simmons is going to be pretty busy, holding two Halloween parties, one tonight organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), and another one Saturday night by the Black Student Organization (BSO). Besides, part of the Pre-health liaison will be volunteering at the Joslin Diabetes Center for a Halloween party held for children!

And, of course on top of that studying for midterms coming up is a MUST. I decided I WAS NOT PROCRASTINATING ANYMORE!!! So, I am going to do homework really soon. Have a great week end!!!! :)

Quote of the day: "The rhythm of the weekend, with its birth, its planned gaieties, and its announced end, followed the rhythm of life and was a substitute for it." (F. Scott Fitzgerald)


The semis and the final of the Great Northeast Athletic Conference were this weekend. We played Johnson and Wales on Saturday, and beat them to finally reach the final against Emerson College.

The season was really tough this year, having to go to practice on sunday mornings, taking tests early because of games, or even representing Simmons College at the New England Womens' Invitational tennis tournament.

I personnally played my hardest match of the season on sunday, as well. I lost the first set 2-6,and was led in the second 1-4 to finally win the second set 6-4 and the tie breaker 11-9. After keeping a tough mental focus for 2.5 hours, the win felt great!

I just wished my family could have been there. It gets sad sometimes to see everyone's parents come down and cheer for their children when you are just there trying to picture your mom and your dad and brothers and sisters cheering for you behind the fence. I felt alone on sunday despite my team being there, so I dedicated my tough win to my family. I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!

But, on a happier note, the Simmons tennis team will be going to the nationals in the spring. YAYYYY!!!!

Quote of the day: "It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up." (Vince Lombardi)

Lately I have been feeling really down on myself and stressed out. Now I'm just going to let it all out. I'm going to scream it out until all the negative thoughts in my head are gone and I'm going to start over. It's still not too late for me to do well in my classes and it's not too late for me to redeem my defensive skills in volleyball. Sometimes, I hear a voice within that fills me with doubt. I hear the people around me and I'm afraid of being judged. But if these people are judging me based on what they see, they shouldn't matter to me anyways. I should just have fun being me and doing what makes me happy. I just have to step up to the plate and face all the negative energy within myself. I'm so tired feeling upset for myself all the time. It's time for the Old Sandy to come back and get her life back. NO more Negative Nancy!

On the note of positivity, it's amazing how much music can impact you. I was listening to a song this past Saturday night, after I came back from a volleyball tri-match, and at first I just liked it because it was catchy. But when I took the time to read the lyrics and really listen to the words, I was just like, wow, that's so true! I can do it if I just believe in myself.

It's funny because when I hear advice from my friends and family and even myself, every good or obvious advice just sort of sounds cheesy. Hearing it from Shakira just seems to make it! I guess taking advice from songs isn't a bad thing, as long as I'm listening to the "right" songs, if you know what I mean.

I'm jamming to Shakira's "Waka Waka-This Time for Africa" song right now because it pumps me up and gets me smiling. I posted it below to share it with you. :) I hope it brings a smile on your face as it does to mine.

What's your favorite jam right at the moment?

Congrats to Andree, who is also a Faces of the Future Blogger, and her Tennis Team on winning the GNACs!

If you ask anyone at Simmons about food on campus, they will happily share their opinion with you and most likely go on and on for a while. So, why shouldn't I share my thoughts?

Best for breakfast = Bartol

You can choose from a wide selection of cereals, bagels, toast, eggs, muffins, waffles, and occasionally pancakes!

Best for lunch = Fens

Sushi? Wraps? Sandwiches? Salads? Chicken fingers? Burgers? Quesadillas? Pasta? Indian food? They've got it all!

Best for dinner = Bartol

By dinnertime, the Fens is all out of most things because of the lunchtime rush, so your best bet is Bartol! However, some nights there is nothing that great, so if you are willing to wait a little, you can go to Quadside at 8:00 pm!

Best for a snack anytime = Java City

Hot drinks! Cold drinks! Pastries! Fruit! Yogurt! Candy! Wraps! Java city has something for everyone on the go!

I would love to know what others think about dining on campus! Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

It was the anniversary of my Nana's death yesterday, and I really couldn't handle it. I really have no words for how much I miss her. I haven't had time to really think about it because I had a essay due today, a test tomorrow, a paper Monday, so on and so forth. It's pouring outside too, I guess mother nature is sad too.


I can't believe half of the semester has already passed! I have so much going on that I am literally taking one thing at a time.

Sometimes I think to myself and I wonder why I stress myself out with all my classes and extracurricular activities, but then I always come to the same conclusion. If I wasn't a part of all the things that I am right now, I would be bored with myself and really just do it all over again. I wouldn't change any of my decisions.

It sort of brings me back to my summer at the gardens in the fields. When I was working in the fields this past summer, I was so eager to open a book and study for an exam or just even create an event for an organization. I remember wanting the academic school year to start so badly but now, I just want a break from everything and just relax and not worry about any exams or assignments. Believe it or not, right now I wish I could go back to just worrying about filling my bucket with fresh blueberries for a day. I guess, sometimes, I tend to want what I can't have and I take what is in front of me for granted. I will surely remember to enjoy every moment of my life, no matter if I'm stressed out or not!

I suppose you can say that I'm stressed from school work but I'm trying to find a balance between all of the things I find that are important to me. I also realized that prioritizing and managing my time has become a lot more difficult now that I am more involved as a student leader.

If you're curious as to do what I might be doing to keep myself busy, I will tell you that I currently have two part time jobs. One of them is being a Student Director of a mentoring and tutoring non profit organization and I am also a research assistant at Simmons College working with the MFA. I am the libero for the Simmons Sharks volleyball team, we are currently 16-5 (6:1 in the GNAC). I am the Student Affairs Officer of Student Government Associaiation and the PreDental Chair of the PreHealth Liaison. I am part of the Americorps Student Leaders In Service and also an Honors student taking five courses (including Organic Chemistry II). Trying to find a balance between all these important things is extremely challenging, but I am slowly adjusting to it all. I guess this is a moment of weakness for me, but I am sure I will strive through and push harder to reach my goals.

If you really think about it, I guess all I'm really doing is filling my bucket with fresh blueberries. I'm picking one blueberry at a time and little by little, hour by hour, my bucket will eventually be filled and I will reach my goal.

If you have any advice for me or other stressed college students, I am more than happy to hear from you!

This past four day weekend was fantastic! We had gorgeous warm weather that lasted throughout the entire long weekend! As I heard from many friends who stayed in Boston, it was the perfect opportunity to get out, explore, and enjoy the city. While I would have loved to stay back in Boston for the weekend, I had a fabulous time in Nantucket with my family. Saturday, we attended the annual Cranberry Festival where I learned so much about the industry and process involved with harvesting cranberries. We got to enjoy bog tours, pony rides, and hay rides, all while sipping on some delicious, fresh cranberry lemonade! I would definitely recommend to everyone who has never been to go at least once! Sunday, we spent the entire afternoon scalloping with friends and then spent the evening preparing our fresh dinner! And on Monday, we relaxed at Steps Beach and rode bikes around the island! While I miss the calmness of Nantucket, it feels good to be back in the hustle and bustle of Boston!

simmons shark2.jpg


I've been back to school for a month now or so and it feels great. We just had a long weekend and most of the people went home, so seeing everybody again today was really refreshing. Otherwise the Simmons tennis team has been doing really well in the conference. One of our pick was beating Colby college on Monday 7-2. We played really well and we have been working so hard (practice on sunday as well), we deserved it. Tomorrow, six of the players are going to an event called the New England Women's Invitational Tennis Tournament. It is really exciting since the best teams of the country meet to compete. And it is even more amazing to represent Simmons' colors there. I hope we are going to play well!!! AND NOT TO FORGET WE ARE PLAYING THE SEMIS OF THE GNAC CONFERENCE ON SATURDAY!!! COME CHEER!!! LET'S GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the day: "Always remember that striving and struggle precede success, even in the dictionary." (Sarah Ban Breathnach)

This year I was honoured to take over the leadership role of Alternative Spring Break at Simmons! I didn't realize how much work it would be! Today there were 15 girls to interview, and me and the other leaders still have 30 others to get to! We must choose our group so we can go on our trip during the Spring Break!!! It's so hectic! On top of that, I am juggling my five classes, a lab, work, and my social life! AND I'm only a sophomore? This is insane. But I was brought up working hard, so I can do this! I just need some good music (I'm addicted to latin music right now) to cheer me up, and I need to whip out all these papers, novels, labs, and interviews! I got this!!!

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