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Emily, Bib, and Tania in Organic Chemistry II Lab

I met Emily for the first time on August 29th, 2010; I had just finished unpacking my stuff in our dorm room as she walked in. We had communicated over some e-mails throughout the summer about bedding, a rug, curtains, and a fridge, but that was the extent of it. As time progressed we learned that we both enjoyed trying new restaurants, good science jokes, the movie Bridesmaids, making lists, and red velvet cake batter ice cream! Being roommates, we see a lot of each other :), but we spend the most time together on Fridays. On Fridays, we wake up at the same time, check our e-mails at the same time, get ready at the same time, walk to class at the same time, have lunch at the same time, walk to our 3 classes and lab together, and are back in time to go to Bartol at the same time! That is why Fridays have officially been termed - Fridays with Emily! It's a great way to end the week! :)

It is only the second full week of school and it's insane! I love my classes though! I just have to juggle homework, be a leader of Alternative Spring Break, as well as my job at a local elementary school! On top of that, I have to make sure I keep in contact with my family a few hours away in New York, as well as other really close friends that are far away! I'm already stressed! But it's fine as long as everything works out how I hope it does! I missed Boston so much, and I definitely think I'll be getting an apartment here next summer! I just love it!!


Simmons College Volleyball Team
Top: Assistant Coach Caitlin Updike, Taylor Nisbet, Caroline Boyd, Rossi Fish, Kelly Last, Rachel Dufault, Coach Alesia Viccari
Middle: Sandy Lor, Megan Chamberlin, Nafeesa Connolly, Kina Wilbur, Piso Mohlala
Bottom: Meaghan Flynn, Kate Fionte, Krista Evans, Morgan Powell

It's great to be back at Simmons College! Although classes only sort of started a few days ago, I have been here since the middle of August for the volleyball preseason! We have awesome new coaches this year, Coach Vicarri and Assistant Coach Caitlin! They know what they're doing and they have so much confidence in our team. With a great team effort, we're off to a good start so far in the season going 9:2 and 2:0 in the GNAC Conference.

It wasn't until the other day when I talked to my coach that I realized that I didn't really describe myself as an athlete. I mean, isn't that just weird? I play a sport, but for some reason, it's not the first word that I use to describe myself. After having that conversation with Coach, I think it's time that I start thinking like an athlete and eat healthy and train more in addition to our practices. I just need to be more confident in myself.

Speaking of confidence, this past weekend, our volleyball team played two matches against two NEWMAC conference volleyball teams (their conference is more competitive than the GNAC) and we won our match to Clark University! What a great confidence booster for our team!

I'm excited to grow as an athlete and person with my volleyball team this season and hopefully I can even become mentally tough, let go of mistakes I make on the court, and just play volleyball! I love my team! :)

I've been back at Simmons for almost a week now and it feels great! Today was the first day of classes and I finally finished unpacking too! Even though it was a very rainy gloomy day, I can feel that it is going to be a fun and productive semester! Class Council 2014 already has two events planned for September - a Welcome Back 2014 Ice Cream Social and a 2014 Welcomes 2015 event! I am taking three lab science classes and an English class so I am already loaded with reading! I am really looking forward to the Connections Carnival tomorrow to meet all the Freshmen and encourage them to get involved and excited! Saturday I'm planning to go to College Day at Fenway Park and hopefully to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum on Sunday for the first time! I thought it would be good to get out and around in Boston before the semester really gets busy!

Today was the first day of classes for Simmons! I had three today, which I absolutely adored, but I was so exhausted! Luckily my schedule gives me Fridays off, so I will be able to enjoy this weekend! I already have so much homework, and have so much to worry about! The Connections Carnival is tomorrow as well which is where all the organizations at Simmons have their own tables to show off to the students on campus! I will be at the Alternative Spring Break table hoping to recruit for this upcoming Spring Break! So much to do, so little time!!!!!

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