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2 more weeks of summer left!

I have been counting down for a month now! I can not wait any longer to head back to Simmons! I miss all the friends I made, the gorgeous city of Boston, and learning! This summer has been really hectic with the new move, me working, and going to the gym quite a bit. Recently my lovely cousin Gabby visited from London, so that was really refreshing to finally see a member of the family that I haven't seen in quite a few years! And most likely next summer I'll be headed to London to visit loads of my family, before my life becomes really consumed with school!

Another big reason I've been counting down until school is because two weeks into September one of my best friends is going to come visit me! It means a lot to me because he's being deployed soon, and that scares me to death!

My class load is insane! I'm taking five classes, and a lab, so hopefully I wont be too overwhelmed with the workload! Luckily one of my close buddies at school is taking Nutrition with me so that should go easier! Anyways, I'll post again a few days before school starts! I can NOT WAIT!!!!!

Posted by Naomi Chick on August 18, 2011 9:09 PM