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Priyal Goyal

pgoyal.jpgPriyal Goyal ‘14 is an international student from India majoring in Computer Science and IT. She loves spending time with her friends, watching TV and going for walks. She is the Resident Advisor in Arnold Hall and also is involved in the Student Government Association.

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Recent Entries by Priyal Goyal

  • It was a beginning to a great college experience
    Being an international student I never had an option of visiting Simmons in the summer. So unlike other students, I did not know how my college looked like until the day of Fall Orientation. Obviously, I had built a beautiful picture...
  • Introduction to American Life
    When I decided to come to America, I was definitely very excited. It was going to be a new beginning, new people, new culture and a new country. But I guess no one told me about the policy of being...
  • I'm from India and I decided to go to Simmons
    It took me almost two academic years to realize how exciting, yet knowledgeable, an experience it is to be an international student. The last two years have been very thrilling for me and not one day has passed without thinking,...

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