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Nastasia Lawton

userpic-48-100x100.pngNastasia is a student in the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program at Simmons. Her research interests are focused on schools and policies that create pathways for students who have previously dropped out of school to get back on track towards earning a diploma and continuing to post-secondary education. She is currently the Advancement Associate at Boston Day and Evening Academy, a Horace Mann Charter School whose mission is to serve students who are overage for grade level and at high risk of dropping out of high school.

Recent Entries by Nastasia Lawton

  • Just Married
    I'm not even going to acknowledge how long it's been since I last posted. I have no excuse....
  • Comfort.
    One of my all time favorite shows is Scrubs for its slapstick humor, relatable messages, awesome soundtrack, but mostly slapstick humor. In one episode, a character talks about gathering up the courage to mail his wedding invitations saying "You...
  • Time and Place
    According to a great book I've been reading, Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish (Cone & Foster, 2006, if you are writing a dissertation check it out on Amazon) it's very important to write at the same time of...
  • Less future-talk and more jokes, please.
    Oh hey there blog, it's been a while. Lately it's been hard to find a few minutes to write, and when I do, well, I don't think anyone wants to read what I pass for sentences at 9:30pm when I...
  • First Day
    Yesterday marked my 21st first day of school, and most likely, my last since by this time next year, I will have completed classes and will be teetering on the edge of insanity while trying to compose a meaningful dissertation....

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