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Carolyn Grimes


Carolyn has been part of the Simmons community for over a decade. She started as a graduate student in the Masters in Communications Management program and received her M.S. in 2001. She was the first graduate student to engage in a community based scholarship through the Scott/Ross Center. For her applied learning project she worked with the Scott/Ross Center for Community Service (SRC) assessing and developing community partnerships, which led to her appointment as the Program Director of Graduate Community Engagement and Service Learning. For the past eight years, she has worked with the five graduate schools and their faculty, staff and students making connections and establishing partnerships with community based organizations.

"Simmons College has a long history of community involvement and I am lucky to experience this on a regular basis as the response and genuine interest in our service initiatives has been impressive."    --Carolyn Grimes

Over the past 10 years, there has been a lot of change and growth both in how higher education institutions work with community based organizations and interest by the general public in volunteering. Carolyn hopes to share and explore with all of you some thoughts, trends, opportunities and activities as they relate to the Scott/Ross Center, Simmons and to community engagement in general.

Recent Entries by Carolyn Grimes

  • A Look at Finance, Fundraising and Board Practices at YW Boston
    This summer, Victoria Glover'15 spent part of her S/RC Fellowship at YW Boston. With an interest in finance and as a long time Bostonian she reports about her experience working at such a venerable organization. For years, I would walk...
  • A2CE Student Reflection - Women's Lunch Place
    Natalie Lowell reflects on her experience with A2CE a multiyear service and leadership development opportunity for Simmons undergraduates through which she spent four years with the Women's Lunch Place. I roll over, turn off my alarm and realize it's a...
  • Reading Break
    Students are back and the spring semester classes begin this week! As great it is to see them all, it is was also nice to have the chance to get caught up some reading over the extended break. I was...
  • Service with a Smile
    Earlier this month, the S/RC Fellows finished their nine week immersion into the nonprofit and grant making worlds. This culminated with an inspirational final presentation at the Boston Foundation, where Marissa, Leah and Jen shared their transformative experiences. Beyond the...
  • Summer Time Perspectives
    Summer can be a quieter time on campus. There is a lot of planning, reflecting and anticipation for the coming fall and the welcome of new students and return of current students. For the Scott/Ross Center Fellows it is a...

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