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Caroline Narby

narbyI am a first-year graduate student at Simmons pursuing an MA in Gender/Cultural Studies. I received my undergraduate degree in Women's and Gender Studies from Wellesley College, and as I continue my studies I intend to focus on representations of disability, particularly of autism, in mass media and popular culture. To that end, I am very excited about the emphases on intersectionality and cultural analysis that I have found in the Gender/Cultural Studies department at Simmons.

Recent Entries by Caroline Narby

  • Wrapping Up
    This week is the last week of classes....
  • Inching Toward the End
    My time in the GCS program at Simmons is coming to a close....
  • PCA/ACA Conference Deets
    So two weeks ago (that long already???) I attended the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association national conference in DC....
  • I'm back from the PCA/ACA conference
    Random book recommendation: Rosemary's Baby Even if horror isn't your thing, read the book through a feminist/gender studies lens. Check out the movie too, because it's brilliantly acted, but pirate online or something so that you're not contributing any money...
  • Spring Break hasn't been much of a "break"
    Because it's admissions season, some advice for today regarding housing: Visit the neighborhoods around campus and take a walk. Management companies often post their phone numbers on the sides of their building complexes, and you can save some money by...

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