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It's almost Thanksgiving! We asked students, faculty and staff from our school of Nursing and Health Sciences to offer some tips on staying healthy throughout the holiday! We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

Commencement is just around the corner! We asked faculty and staff to share some career and life advice with our graduates.

It might be a few more weeks until the official start of winter, but there's definitely a chill in the Boston air. So what does that mean for our campus? We talked to students, faculty, and staff about their favorite parts of winter at Simmons.

For all the skeptics out there, here are a few more reasons why winter just might be the best season to be at Simmons:

  • Drinking sugar cookie coffee and peppermint mochas at Common Grounds
  • Curling up with a book in the fireplaced common room at South Hall
  • Eating, drinking, and being merry at the annual Winter Wonderland celebration
  • Enjoying all Boston's unique winter activities, like skating on the Frog Pond, seeing the lights on Boston Common and at Faneuil Hall, and shopping at the SoWa Holiday Market
  • Seeing friends and family during break, then reuniting with your campus family for an exciting new semester

Watch: Simmons Speaks Founder's Day Video

Every October 30th, we celebrate the birth of the College's founder, John Simmons. He was an innovative businessman who made his fortune in the mid-1800s by inventing ready-to-wear suits in standard sizes. Decades before women were allowed to vote, Simmons had another revolutionary idea: that women should receive a college education in preparation for a life of independence and purpose. His will established Simmons College, setting the stage for generations of learning and empowerment. As we honor Simmons's legacy, see what our community has to say about the transformative power of the education he made possible.

Watch: The Simmons Community weighs in on their favorite women in politics.

The Simmons College community has a long tradition of political awareness and empowerment; we've been educating informed, independent leaders since before women had the right to vote.

It's important to remember how far we've come, recognize how much is still yet to be accomplished, and realize what inspires women and girls to get involved in the political process. That's why Simmons worked with the Grimke Event Committee to present How Women Become Political on Monday, October 7.

The event marked the 175th anniversary of when Angelina Grimke became the first woman in the United States to address a legislative body. Grimke delivered a series of powerful speeches to the Massachusetts state legislature in opposition to slavery. Her courage and convictions have galvanized generations of women. What other trailblazing women inspire our students, faculty and staff? Hear about them in the first video from our new Simmons Speaks series.

Event Information

Speakers and panelists included:

    • Gloria Steinem, feminist, activist, author
    • Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
    • Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor at-Large
    • Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Chair, Political Parity
    • Kerry Healey, President, Babson College, co-Chair, Political Parity

Watch all the speeches, panel conversation, and discussion with the audience.

Watch: Hear from #Sims17.

With the school year now officially underway we thought it would be great to meet and introduce some of the newest members of the Simmons community, our incoming class of 2017. We all know that starting a new chapter can be nerve racking and even a bit scary, but there is also a lot of optimism and hopefulness. We thought hearing from them would at least calm some fears and build excitement.

Woman on Campus, Sarah Galvez '14 got behind the camera to meet and talk to a few students around the residence and main campus. These students shared their reasons for attending Simmons, what most excites them about attending school in Boston and of course what they will miss about being home. It's not too surprising what these women already have in common.

Make sure to welcome these students if you see them around and help to foster their already budding Simmons pride. Also good luck first years with your first semester at Simmons!

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