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5 Study Tips for Finals


It's time for finals! We've compiled some study tips to help get you through. Remember, If you're feeling overwhelmed, you can always contact the Health and Wellness Center.

1. Get organized

Manage your time and resources so you can study effectively. It helps to make a to-do list so you can cross off items as you go!

2. Take frequent, short breaks

It's easy to get entrenched in your studies and forget that your brain needs a break. Try not to study for more than one hour at a time. Taking breaks is just as important as studying!

3. Tackle one thing at a time

Try to study for one final at a time. Tackling multiple subjects at once is daunting!

4. Get some sleep

The best thing you can do for yourself during finals is to get some rest. It may seem like you should be studying 24/7, but you need some time to process the information you're studying.

5. Reward yourself!

After you've mastered a subject or chapter, reward yourself with lunch, a movie, or seeing a friend. Your mind will be more clear after you've had some time away.

Posted by Mary Delaney

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