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Simmons World Challenge: Brutality

Simmons Volleyball

For nine days during winter break, 20 of our most talented students returned to campus early to participate in The Simmons World Challenge, a program that empowers Simmons sophomores to tackle social problems facing local, national, and global communities. These students, grouped into five teams, were tasked with developing solutions to resolve situations in which individuals have chosen violence, whether systematically or impulsively. On Friday, January 31st, these students presented their exciting proposals for stemming brutality.

While all the teams have very powerful solutions, the team focused on intimate partner violence will have the opportunity to partner with Betsy's Friends and apply for a grant aimed at raising awareness of intimate partner violence on campus.

Team 1: Preventing School Shootings by Preventing Isolation

Mallarie Charbonneau (History & Philosophy), Federika Garcia (Nutrition & Dietetics), Megan Lamberto (Education & French), and Jillayne Adamyk (Exercise Science) created the concept for "ACT" (Achieve Community Together), a program focused on training teachers in classrooms to observe signs of introversion and separation, screen students through surveys, and support children with resources if they show signs of isolation.

Team 2: Intimate Partner Violence: A Proposal for Improved Screening and Prevention
Jill Bolduc (Nursing), Sarah Desjardins (Nursing), Rose Allen (Economics & International Relations), and Abigail Smith (Environmental Science & Public Health) developed an improved screening process to be distributed throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities to detect and treat intimate partner violence. The pilot program would be implemented at Massachusetts General Hospital. This team is currently in the process of applying for a grant with Betsy's Friends, their goal is to raise awareness of intimate partner violence on the Simmons campus.

Team 3: Women's Reintegration Community Network "R House"
Kaylie Flannigan (Political Science & Sociology), Abigail Walters (Political Science & Economics), Dee Moore (Social Work), and Lyra Decastro (Social Work) proposed a female only rehabilitation house focused on 3 core services: mental health, substance abuse, and community linkages. These services would cater specifically to the trauma women face before, during, and after jail.

Team 4: Violence and the Media: Proposing a Symposium on Peace Journalism
Tess Cekada (Environmental Science & Political Science), Allison Lamb (Exercise Science & Physical Therapy), Samantha Tan (Nursing), and Caroline Kinch (Nursing) developed plans for a symposium at Simmons College, focused on raising awareness of peace journalism. This symposium would be used to spark interest and knowledge building in peace journalism, with the ultimate goal of developing a new generation of journalists.

Team 5: Poverty and Violence: The Youth Workers Alliance
Elsie Mayo (Economics), Jenna Ellison (Nursing), Megan Ludgate (Economics & Mathematics), and Ainsley Wilson (Nursing) planned to improve and expand the Youth Workers Alliance, an organization that monitors and stores available resources for local youth in order to discontinue learned behaviors that lead to violence. In multiple phases, the team would establish funding, hire additional staff, and build resources, including training and workshops.

The Simmons College World Challenge, now in its third year, is a program that takes place over the winter break, aimed at providing a model for interdisciplinary and interactive teaching and learning for students from all majors around the College. Students come together to pull knowledge from their various areas of studies to create solutions to a global issue. Professors ranging in expertise from management to social work, act as faculty advisors for each team as they execute their solutions. Last year students came together to create a solution around solving media, misinformation, and the search for social justice.

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