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President Drinan Reacts to Twitter's All-Male Board


Read President Helen Drinan's latest Huffington Post Blog: Women's Advancement -- Male Allies Please


When Twitter begins trading publicly this month, it will do so with a board composed entirely of white men. Thirty or 40 years ago, this may not have been strange; I daresay that few would have questioned this decision at all. But today, with women's substantial use of social media, I am truly shocked that a major corporation would allow such a gross oversight.

Women have expressed outrage about this lack of representation by one of the leading technology companies of our time, and they should. But my question is, where are the men in this debate?

It seems to me that all sound businesspeople -- men or women -- should question why such an influential company would not seek strategic input from one of the largest audiences that it serves. Read more.

Posted by Andrea Gimler

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