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Know Your Provost: Katie Conboy


Meet Simmons College's new provost, Dr. Katie Conboy. Dr. Conboy came to Simmons in July from Stonehill College, where she served as a faculty member in the department of English since 1987 and as chief academic officer (academic vice president and then provost) since 2000. She is also the co-editor of Writing on the Body: Female Embodiment and Feminist Theory (Columbia University Press), and has been published in Modern Language Studies, Verse and Poetry Ireland Review, among others. In this special edition of Know Your Professor (or, in this case, provost), we asked Dr. Conboy a few questions to help introduce her to the Simmons community and learn a little bit about her favorite things.

Tell us, what book are you reading right now, and what's your favorite book?
Right now I am reading Colum McCann's thoroughly ambitious, continent-spanning, time-traveling novel, TransAtlantic. My Ph.D. is in English, and I study the history of the novel, so I am always interested in how the forms of fiction continue to evolve.

My desert-island novel remains Bleak House, which Charles Dickens published serially in 1852-53. I actually have a first edition in my office--a "welcome" gift from my new Simmons colleagues!

We hear you love to travel. What's your favorite place to go and why?
I spent last spring in Paris, and it's pretty hard to beat that! I love to return to familiar places (I've lived more extensively in Germany and England), but my husband will tell you that I'd go anywhere. Our daughters have stretched my mileage by studying and working abroad in Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon and Thailand. I visited them in each of those places, and I am ready for the next adventure.
Fill in the blank: When I was in college, I _____
Discovered who I was and what really mattered to me.
My hidden talent is:
I'm a singer. I'm not really that great, but I have fun with it, and I even earned a little money at it earlier in my life!
What's your favorite place in Boston?
In Boston proper, I'd have to say it's Fenway Park. There are few things better than a night in the ballpark, where time seems to slow down.
Fill in the blank: I love Simmons because _____
There's a great balance of institutional gravitas and institutional nimbleness. We can respect tradition while being open to the future.

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