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Seven ways to stay motivated during your final semester

As winter break approaches many students are excited for a month off to spend time with the family, work, or travel. For seniors, the spring semester will be their last at Simmons, a daunting yet exciting experience. How do you make it through the final semester without letting senioritis take over? Here are seven ways to stay motivated.

art2.jpg Take a class outside of your major.

Simmons has many different classes to chose from. If you are on a science track, enroll in a beginners art course or take a class in the communications department. Try cross registering within the Colleges of the Fenway. The five other colleges have a variety of courses that are different than the ones offered at Simmons. Challenging yourself or trying something new is a good way to keep your interest in school and you also might discover a new hobby!

laptop2.jpg Start the job search.

It may be distracting, but it will motivate you to do your best during your final year. Looking for jobs early will give you a long-term goal, and something to look forward to prior to graduation. Searching for jobs will also give you something practical to do when you happen to be procrastinating.

org.jpg Join a club.

This is your last chance to connect with new people and get to know your classmates. Take the leap and do something you've always wanted to do at Simmons, but never did. This is also a great way to network.

fitness.jpg Enroll in a fitness class.

Staying active is a good way to keep up a positive attitude, feel good about yourself and stay fit. Simmons started the Lifelong Exercise and Activities Program (LEAP) in 1988, which offers yoga, spinning, dance and swimming classes. Need a workout buddy? Join Fit at Simmons, a peer education group that encourages fitness as a part of overall health and wellness. If you prefer to do things on your own then take an hour out of your day to go to the gym or for a run.

break2.jpg Take a break.

Don't study for hours on end. Your brain needs a break, too. Go for a walk around the Fenway, grab a coffee at Starbucks or Meyers, catch up on a favorite TV show or do some pleasure reading. Getting fresh air and relaxing will help clear your head. For some people, studying for hours on end works, but for many it just makes them want to give up, don't let yourself give up. Give your brain a break!

class.jpg Go to class.

This sounds easier said than done. Don't have the attitude that the class you are taking as an elective doesn't matter; all classes matter. The more classes you miss, the easier it will be to make that a routine. Many professors factor attendance and class participation into your grade, so don't let laziness get in the way of finishing up your final year strong.

list.jpg Create a bucket list.

Not the kind Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman have, but a list of things to do around Boston before you graduate. If you have time on the weekends, venture out and allow yourself to check off one of those things on your list. Boston has so many opportunities and this may be your last chance to take advantage of them as a college student.

So don't let senioritis take over your senior year; take advantage of the opportunities Simmons and Boston have to offer, and make the best of your final semester in college. Good luck to the Class of 2013!

[This post was adapted from the article "Staying motivated during your final semester" by Jennifer Kilar '13. It appeared in the November 29, 2012 issue of The Simmons Voice.]

killar.jpgJennifer Kilar is a senior at Simmons College studying Communications with a focus in integrated media and journalism. She is involved with the Simmons Voice as the managing and features editor, and is the public relations/marketing representative for the Simmons College Concert Choir. Jennifer is from New Hampshire and she hopes to find a job in the surrounding area upon graduation.

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