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As winter break approaches many students are excited for a month off to spend time with the family, work, or travel. For seniors, the spring semester will be their last at Simmons, a daunting yet exciting experience. How do you make it through the final semester without letting senioritis take over? Here are seven ways to stay motivated.

art2.jpg Take a class outside of your major.

Simmons has many different classes to chose from. If you are on a science track, enroll in a beginners art course or take a class in the communications department. Try cross registering within the Colleges of the Fenway. The five other colleges have a variety of courses that are different than the ones offered at Simmons. Challenging yourself or trying something new is a good way to keep your interest in school and you also might discover a new hobby!

laptop2.jpg Start the job search.

It may be distracting, but it will motivate you to do your best during your final year. Looking for jobs early will give you a long-term goal, and something to look forward to prior to graduation. Searching for jobs will also give you something practical to do when you happen to be procrastinating.

org.jpg Join a club.

This is your last chance to connect with new people and get to know your classmates. Take the leap and do something you've always wanted to do at Simmons, but never did. This is also a great way to network.

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