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7 awesome study tips for finals

With finals week approaching stress levels around campus are high. We at 300 The Fenway wanted to provide some relief, so we asked the Center for Academic Achievement for some help. Study Skills Specialist Tina Brin offered up some of her most helpful study tips. Here are 6 tips Tina gives students to get them through exam period:

1. Take the time to "Time Manage."

Don't just dive into studying; organize what you want to study and when. Make a list or draw a chart: whatever works best for you. This will help stabilize your study routine and will slowly ease you into the material.

2. Set realistic studying goals.

Don't overwhelm yourself. Give yourself enough time to prepare for the exam material rather than cramming the night before. Make sure to space out your studying and know your limits.

3. Take lots of breaks.

Try not to study for more than one hour at a time. Taking breaks is just as important as the studying. For best results take five to fifteen minute breaks between study sessions.

4. Reserve library rooms ahead of time

Make a week plan for when and where you'll be studying. Stability is key. Visit the Simmons portal to reserve a room at the library.

5. Don't bring food with you.

Try not to bring food with you when you study, as it may be a distraction. Have a cold drink - like iced coffee, juice, soda, or just ice water with you to stay well-hydrated and help you focus when you feel you are drifting off!

6. Reward yourself

Once you feel you have mastered a chapter, a subject, etc. reward yourself! Go out for lunch, watch a movie, meet up with a friend. Take some time away from the material, so that your mind is clear by the time you return.

7. Ask for help!

If you're not getting the material, don't be afraid to ask for help. Get a friend in the class to go over it with you, go to your professor's office hours, or visit the Center for Academic Achievement for more tips.

For more resources visit the Center for Academic Achievement website or call (617) 521-2474 to make an appointment with Tina. You can also visit the Center in The Palace Road Building in P-304.

What did we miss? Let us know how you prepare for exams!

Good luck with finals everyone!

Posted by Kellie Ryan
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