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Students keep tradition alive with annual May Day celebration

May Day

May is finally here and on Sunday, May 1, Simmons held its 99th annual May Day celebration. May Day is Simmons's oldest student tradition when sophomores wake the graduating senior class at the break of dawn and perform a maypole dance. Other festivities include a tree planting in honor of the graduating class to signify their lasting impact on the College followed by a strawberry shortcake breakfast.

Keeping up with traditions is a way to remember the significant history of the College. May Day especially serves as a reminder of how drastically times have changed for women since the tradition began in 1912.

Jeanie Goddard '69 gave an inspiring speech to undergraduates, offering her words of wisdom and insight for their future:

Wisdom needs to be prodded by the urgency and single-mindedness of youth. So, I urge you as you go out into the larger world beyond Simmons to seize that role of risking all for principle, for justice, for truth. Help those of us who might be mired in the limits of the present world by dreaming the dreams of what does not yet exist.

Watch a full video of her speech here.

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