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I am not going to a women's college

2011 Commencement

Simmonsness: (n.) - A thirsting desire for knowledge, for a better community, for a better world, for more. A relationship with classmates in which they push each other towards excellence, in and out of the classroom. The seizing of every opportunity, and in more cases than not, the creation of opportunities. - Darcie Guilbert '11

2011 Commencement Student Speaker Darcie Guilbert began her address by sharing her first Simmons memory. At 17 years old, on her way to a Simmons College campus tour she told her parents:

"I am not going to an all-women's college, so why are we wasting time even looking!?"

Students erupted with laughter remembering how they, too, had similar attitudes. It is a common theme here at Simmons. Many come to Simmons despite the fact they will be receiving a single gender education. But, they leave not being able to imagine their college experience any other way.

So why did all 386 of the 2011 graduates choose Simmons? Darcie says there is one underlying factor: SIMMONS-NESS

"When you leave here today, Simmons College won't just be a line on your resume. SIMMONS-NESS is part of who you are. It's a presence. It's a sense of self, of well being, of creativity, of rapport, of knowledge, of an 'I can change the world attitude.' No! An 'I can change the world action.'"

Read social media coverage from the day's events and visit Simmons's Flickr stream to see photos from the big day.

To see Darcie's full speech, watch the full Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony on YouTube.

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