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2011 Commencement

Simmonsness: (n.) - A thirsting desire for knowledge, for a better community, for a better world, for more. A relationship with classmates in which they push each other towards excellence, in and out of the classroom. The seizing of every opportunity, and in more cases than not, the creation of opportunities. - Darcie Guilbert '11

2011 Commencement Student Speaker Darcie Guilbert began her address by sharing her first Simmons memory. At 17 years old, on her way to a Simmons College campus tour she told her parents:

"I am not going to an all-women's college, so why are we wasting time even looking!?"

Continue reading I am not going to a women's college.


Commencement is quickly approaching and soon you will graduate from Simmons with a degree that has prepared you for your life's work. In terms of forging a successful career, who you know is almost as important as what you know, and over the years, I've learned the importance of networking.

Don't cringe. Think of it more as chatting with friends, because at its most natural, that's all networking really is. I teach a publishing overview course, and I like to spend the last class helping students find a job.

Here's some advice that has worked for me, and many of my now-employed students.

1. Create a list of everyone you know, and everyone they know.
This is the start of your network--it is, ideally, a trusted list of people who have a vested interest in you. People who like you, and want to see you employed, fed and happy.
2. Decide where you want to live.
You will network during the entire course of your career, and one job will lead to the next. Think about where you want to settle and go there. It's more difficult to find a job later in a new city where you are not connected.
3. Use your college's alumni network.
You share a common bond with other alumni--you ate in the same cafeteria and played Frisbee on the same quad. You're bonded for life. When I graduated, I called all of my college's alumni who worked in publishing in Boston. The first one who called me back, hired me. (OK, truthfully, I interned for free for six months and then he hired me. But the moral of the story is, alums help alums... eventually!)

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Women's Leadership Conference 2011

This year's Simmons Leadership Conference was a huge success! The College brought in such a diverse array of speakers that every topic was covered, and everyone came away feeling empowered and ready to rethink strategies in their own businesses. Watch this video to see why returning participants say this year was, by far, their favorite.

Speakers like Anne Mulcahy, Donna Karan, Judith Jamison and Maria Hinojosa shared their personal journeys on how they became leaders in their own professions, overcoming significant obstacles along the way.

Make sure to read blog coverage of the day's events. Next year's conference will be held on Thursday, April 5 and will feature former CEO of EBay Meg Whitman. Follow Simmons Leadership Conference on Twitter for updates on next year's big day.

May Day

May is finally here and on Sunday, May 1, Simmons held its 99th annual May Day celebration. May Day is Simmons's oldest student tradition when sophomores wake the graduating senior class at the break of dawn and perform a maypole dance. Other festivities include a tree planting in honor of the graduating class to signify their lasting impact on the College followed by a strawberry shortcake breakfast.

Keeping up with traditions is a way to remember the significant history of the College. May Day especially serves as a reminder of how drastically times have changed for women since the tradition began in 1912.

Jeanie Goddard '69 gave an inspiring speech to undergraduates, offering her words of wisdom and insight for their future:

Wisdom needs to be prodded by the urgency and single-mindedness of youth. So, I urge you as you go out into the larger world beyond Simmons to seize that role of risking all for principle, for justice, for truth. Help those of us who might be mired in the limits of the present world by dreaming the dreams of what does not yet exist.

Watch a full video of her speech here.

For up to date information on campus activities, follow Stormy the Shark on Twitter and like Campus Life on Facebook.

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