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Violent games can lower sympathy in kids


There are several research studies that examine the link between video game violence and aggression in children. But, Professor Edward T. Vieria's new study takes a different approach and says children's exposure to violent video games can impact their ability to develop empathy and sympathy for others.

The study, published in the 2011 spring/summer edition of the Journal of Children and Media, is the first of its kind to examine how violent games affect the development of moral reasoning in children ages 7-15. It found that kids who play video games for long periods of time can perceive that some types of violence are O.K., or "right."

Professor Vieria says:

"Certainly not every child who continues to play violent video games is going to go out and perpetrate a violent act, but the research suggests that children -- particularly boys -- who are frequently exposed to these violent games are absorbing a sanitized message of 'no consequences for violence' from this play behavior."

Read more about the study:

Violent Video Games Can Hinder Development, Simmons Study Finds

Violent games linked to lowered sympathy in kids

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