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Search Simmons. What's your story?

Have you seen that Google commercial where the guy starts out by searching for "study abroad options in France" then searches "how to impress a French girl" and ends up searching "how to assemble a crib"? It's cute... and clever.

As it turns out, Google started an initiative that asks users to create their own Google Search Story on YouTube. "Parisian Love" set the tone for the project and has since inspired other videos, such as "how to fight against potholes" and "training a dog."

Well, remember Sonya '13? She emailed me the other day and sent me her own Google Search Story about... you guessed it... Simmons!

That got me thinking... what's YOUR Simmons search story? How did you find us?

To create your own Simmons video, visit Google Search Story. Maybe we should have a contest for submissions?

Posted by Amanda Voodre

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