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The girls club


Lauren Rodrigue writes an interesting article in today's The Daily Free Press about Simmons and the current state women's colleges.

In the article, "No Boys Allowed," Rodrigue cites a study conducted by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research. She says:

Women's colleges, according the study, circumvent the gender inequalities upon which most co-ed schools are inherently and historically structured. The study states evidence that "suggests that compared with men, many women students [at co-ed colleges] perceive their campus to be less supportive of their academic and social needs and that, as a result, their learning and personal development is adversely affected."

The conclusion of the study showed that women tend to succeed better in women's colleges because of the presence of strong female leaders and mentors, more opportunities for leadership roles for students and a higher percentage of women's enrollment in traditionally male-centered disciplines like math, engineering and the sciences.

Furthermore, Rodrigue reports on the adjustment some students need to make when transitioning from a co-ed high school to a women's college:

The women say that it's a strange transition into an academic environment where professors teach for women, with an intention to prepare women to face the professional world outside college with a strong sense of independence and equality with men.

Class discussions are "tailored to what women need to succeed," Cassis says. "Professors can say things about being a women that affect you, which, if they said in front of men, [the men would] feel uncomfortable. Guys would be like, 'Why are we talking about this?'"

Simmons women say that once they got used to the new environment, they saw how different -- and comfortable -- an all-women environment could really be, compared to their formerly co-ed lifestyles.

Aside from Rodrigue's misconception that "there are no men. Period." on Simmons' campus, the article makes some valid points about women's education and offers several different perspectives from Simmons students. I highly recommend reading more from "No Boys Allowed."


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