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Athletics at a Division III college

Many children grew up playing sports. Parents drove to soccer practice on Mondays, softball on Tuesdays, gymnastics on Thursdays; not to mention the afternoon games of basketball with the neighborhood kids. For some, athletics is a major part of growing up.

But, let's face it. Most of us do not turn into professional athletes. Even most students who are good enough to get scholarships to Division I and II schools, don't make it to the pro's. Division III schools give athletes the opportunity to continue their athletic careers while attending great academic programs that prepare them for their future.

Being an all women's undergraduate college, Simmons female athletes are top priority. Jessica Thomas '12, a member of the Simmons basketball team, talked about the advantages of not having a men's team.

"We get first practice time. It's our gym, so we don't have to wait around. We're in the weight room. We can have it all to ourselves. All in all, I don't miss [having a men's team] as much as I thought I was going to miss it from high school."

Because Simmons is a small school, professors get to know their students. Athletes have an array of support, so they don't have to feel the pressure of juggling their studies with practices and games. Assistant Athletics Director and Head Basketball Coach Anthony Price offers this advice:

"This is a small school. Your professors will get to know you. Communicate with them on potential conflicts. If we have to leave for a game or there is some conflict in practice times, talk to them about it, so they understand that you're an athlete. You are not going to let your grades slip because you're an athlete. You're committed to both, but obviously you're here for academics. If there are conflicts and no way to work it out, then obviously you go to class. That's the bottom line. That's why you're here."

If you're interested in athletics at Simmons, contact Director of Athletics Ali Kantor or the head coach of the team you're interested in joining.

More importantly, visit campus, meet the team, and see for yourself why athletes here have a great sense of Shark pride.

Posted by Kellie Ryan
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