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See what it's like to be a Simmons Shark

Wondering what a Simmons athletic career could offer you? How about a chance to play a competitive sport for four years, while still having the opportunity to achieve everything you want to academically?

Simmons athletes are looked up to on campus. Being an all women's college means female sports teams don't have to take a back seat to men's athletics, as is with most colleges and universities. There is a certain camaraderie that comes with being a Shark. Each team is committed to supporting their fellow athletes during games, matches, and meets.

Joining a competitive athletic team is a huge committment. I get that. I was a diver in college, and sometimes I felt overwhelmed juggling school work, diving, and a part-time job.

However, there's a solution for that. Every sports team at Simmons has a faculty liaison. Their job is to make sure that busy student athletes do not fall behind in their studies. Of course, academics come first. The faculty liaison helps student athletes schedule their classes, encourages faculty and staff to attend games, and is there to lend support if a student feels they are falling behind. In fact, the athletes I spoke with said their GPA is actually HIGHER during the sports season. Turns out, balancing their busy schedules helps with their time management skills.

Head coach of Simmons soccer, Erica Mastrogiacomo, told me:

"Being a Division III school frees up some time for athletes to do their community service or hold a part-time job. They're so well-rounded."

Still not convinced? Junior captain and soccer goalie, Ashley Wheeler, is a physical therapy major at Simmons. She says the physical therapy program is unbelievable and being able to play soccer is "icing on the cake."

"I love having the team. It's like being in a family. You have instant friends... 23 other girls that all share the same love for the game."

Posted by Kellie Ryan
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