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Meet Sam '12, academic affairs officer

Samantha Schenk '12
Hometown: Windham, NH

Major: Secondary Education and English

Activities: Academic Affairs Officer for the Student Government Association, Orientation Chair, Admission volunteer

I'd been seeing Sam everywhere. I first spoke with her back in June when I was helping Student Life set up a mobile scavenger hunt for their Summer Orientation. Then, I saw her judging Simmons' Top Chef competition - before classes had even started. (I found out she's from a family of foodies!) She appears in the Move-in Day video and she said a few words during the Making Education Work campaign celebration. She was out representing the student body and I definitely took notice.

When we look for women who exemplify a Simmons student, Sam's name always comes up. I recently met with Sam to find out more about her Simmons experience. I learned that she's a double major, she loves working with other students, and she thinks some of the best things about the College are her fellow students and our resources. She's also the Student Speaker at our November Open House!

I've noticed you keep a busy schedule. How is it preparing you for life after college?

Sam: When I first came to Simmons I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be a teacher. But, after getting involved with the Scott/Ross Center, hall council, SGA, and as orientation chair, I've really grown to love working with students. I think that's a career I could pursue in the future. In general, I find it's really great working with people and being able to provide them with the resources they need.

In your opinion, what are some of Simmons' best resources?

Sam: One of my favorite things about Simmons is that we are a small, tight-knit community, so we have resources that are tailored to our needs. As women looking to educate and prepare ourselves for successful careers and a successful life, some of the best resources we have are each other.

Also, our faculty and staff are great resources. They are so passionate and they care so much about working with students that it really does make a difference. That includes offices around the college such as the Dean of Student Life, financial aid, admission, the Registrar, disability services, etc. But, I think to make the most of your experience at Simmons, it's important to get involved. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities is a great resource for students because it houses all of the College's organizations. There's something there for every student, no matter what they're interested in.

You're a junior now. Any big plans for your senior year?

Sam I'd love to continue being involved with student government. It's a powerful organization because it represents the whole student body and anyone is welcome to come talk about issues at the school. I also want to explore internship opportunities. I'd like to get some practical and real life experiences that will appeal to future employers when I start to apply for jobs.

You mentioned earlier that you wanted to be a teacher, but have since discovered you want to be more involved in working with others. Do you plan to keep your double major of Secondary Education and English?

Sam: I'm considering going to law school when I graduate because I'm really interested in education law and policy, and I think having a strong background in education will be benefit me if I decide to pursue that goal. I'm actually taking a class, Political Science 212: Politics Unplugged: How Things Work in Massachusetts, which prepares students for the Barbara Lee Fellowship. I would love to apply for that!

When you chose to attend Simmons, did you always know you wanted to go to a women's college?

Sam: I came to Simmons despite the fact it's a women's college. I never heard of Simmons until my guidance counselor matched me with the college based on what I was looking for in an institution.

What was your criteria?

Sam: I wanted to go to a college that was nationally ranked and widely known throughout the community. I also wanted it to have a small community, but in a big city setting.

I was looking for an institution that had multiple ways of getting involved and also had numerous majors, so that I was able to change my area of study if I wanted to - that was something my mother insisted upon!

It was really strange... when I walked onto the Simmons campus, I had this feeling that this was the place I was supposed to be. My family and I attended every single Open House because I loved it here so much.

Speaking of which, you'll be the Student Speaker at the November Open House. Any words of advice for prospective students?

Sam: You don't know what college is like until you visit. You can look at pictures to see what the residence dorms or classrooms are like, but you don't get that sense of environment until you come and listen to people talk about their own experiences. I'm excited to be able to tell students about why I chose Simmons, why it's so unique, and why it worked out so well for me.

Out of curiosity, what's your favorite Simmons tradition?

Sam: I have so many! But, my favorite is Winter Wonderland. It's this huge feast in Bartol Hall hosted by the first-year class. We all get together and celebrate the end of the semester and that we made it to finals. It's also really fun because it's the Festival of Lights - each hall decorates their dorms to compete for Simmons Cup points.

Finally, any favorite things about living in Boston?

Sam: This sounds really cheesy, but my family is huge Red Sox fans, so being able to hear the cheers from Fenway Park in my dorm room, I think that's the best!

Like I said, I see Sam all the time on campus, so if you happen to see her, too, say hello! And ask her to tell you more about the food at Winter Wonderland...

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