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Celebrating our founder


John Simmons founded Simmons College on the outrageous idea that women would "acquire an independent livelihood." In 1902, a time when women weren't allowed to vote, to build an institution which would shape women into scholars who could work professionally and provide for themselves was on the cutting edge of education. Simmons College, in following its founders inspiration, has continued to remain a pioneer - not just in higher education, but also in society.

The Simmons community honored John Simmons' birthday yesterday during the annual Founder's Day celebration. The school unveiled the new class flags and provided plenty of cake and sparkling cider for everyone's enjoyment. After all, it is the College's founder whose influence has shaped Simmons into a world-class institution.

Learn more about the history of Simmons College, and let us know what makes you proud to be part of the Simmons community.

Posted by Kellie Ryan
Topics: community, history, leadership, women's college

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