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Why teaching Entrepreneurship is important

Congratulations to the School of Management! Its entrepreneurship program was just ranked by Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review as one of the nation's top 25 programs. A big deal considering it's the only program on the list specifically designed for women.

We shot this video last year (when we introduced the entrepreneurship minor) of SOM Professor Susan Duffy, who says teaching entrepreneurship at Simmons is important because entrepreneurship is the "great equal opportunity employer." She says anyone can be an entrepreneur! Even me? You know, I have been wanting to start up my own 24-hour coffee shop/lounge in Charlestown... hmmm... *wheels spinning*... At any rate, Susan says the time for women entrepreneurs is now, so what better place to gain the knowledge and skills than at Simmons? After all, it is one of the best!

Posted by Amanda Voodre
Category: Faculty Highlights
Topics: leadership, management, professors, women's college

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