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Sukkot and gingerbread


To celebrate the Jewish holiday, Sukkot, Simmoms Hillel held a contest between 12 student organizations.

Fasting? Praying? Confession?... Gingerbread? If you guessed the latter - you must have stopped by the Kotzen Room today between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Sukkot sounds like a fun holiday. It is the Festival of Booths (sukkah means booth in Hebrew). The holiday can be traced back to ancient Israel when Jews would build huts near the edges of their fields during the harvest season. These huts provided shade to allow workers more time in the fields to harvest the crops.

As a result, Sukkot is the celebration of material goods rather than the deprivation. It is a holiday in which Jews are encouraged to rejoice and enjoy the material things in life.

So, what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than with a gingerbread sukkah-making competition. The construction of a completely edible religious hut. Sounds good to me!

Anyway - I hope you were able to stop by and vote for your favorite gingerbread sukkah. I stole some M&M's while I was there.

Posted by Kellie Ryan
Topics: community, organizations

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