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America's college town

This Sunday, we are holding our first open house of the academic school year. Not only is this an opportunity for interested students to come visit the school, but to also visit the city of Boston!

Did you know there are more than 250,000 students attending college in Boston? That means more than 250,000 young men and women realized Boston was the place to be during the best four years of their life.

There is so much to do in this city. Whether you're into theatre, history, art, or just want to be able to go out on the town with friends. Think about it this way: This city was BUILT for your college experience.

I spoke with Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission Alexandra Krol and she told me:

"Boston truly is America's college town. So many college students make this place constantly bustling. You can't walk two feet without running into another college student from another school, who's from a completely different town, studying a different major, focusing on a different social activity. And that makes your world here in Boston and at Simmons so much bigger."

If you're planning on visiting us this Sunday, I seriously encourage you to tour the city (and maybe convince your parents to buy you those cute boots on Newbury Street).

After the dean's welcome address, the liberal arts faculty discussion, and the student panel presentations - you're going to want to see the city you could potentially spend the next four (or 10 or 20) years living in.

However, if you can't make it this weekend, there's another open house on November 13 and the Undergraduate Admission office is extremely helpful in planning a visit. They are always willing to listen to any questions and to take the opportunity to brag about the great city we call home.

Have questions now? Find your admission counselor.

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