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The journey begins

The best advice given out on move-in day: Take advantage of every opportunity college has to offer.

During the welcome address on Sunday, Student Life Dean Sarah Neill said:

"I think we've got a pretty amazing group of women in our midst. You've traveled to over 20 countries. You've performed in Broadway reviews. You've founded your school's garden club and yearbook. You're a nationally ranked tennis player, a Japanese flower arrangement instructor, a U.S. figure skating champion—a gold medalist. You've toured Ireland with the Irish Dance Team. You were the first place speaker on your debate team, the president of the debating club, and an anchor woman for your school's television station. You've played rugby. You've boxed. You've played the violin. You're an accomplished pianist. You were the MVP of your varsity softball team. You were a utility infielder. You've hiked the Himalayas. You've organized a relay for life team in support of research for cancer. You've taught at an Islamic center. You've taught English in the Dominican Republic. How cool are all of you?"

It sounds to me like the class of 2014 will have lots of interesting stories to tell, and I urge you to check back with us at 300 The Fenway to learn everything you can about your new community. Welcome to Simmons!

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