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The first years are coming, the first years are coming!


Well, you know summertime at Simmons is coming to an end when the students start returning to campus. We've already had some early arrivals including the athletes, international students, and the residence life staff. However, this Sunday marks the official Move-in Day and that means the Class of 2014 finally gets to call Simmons their home! Moving to college can be a major transition, so we asked around to see if anyone had some advice to help the first years get on their feet.

Without further ado, here's the Top 5 Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2014:

1. Don't be strangers! Meet as many of your classmates as you can and keep your doors open. Samantha '11 suggests making yourself uncomfortable a few times a day, just to strike up a conversation with someone you don't know. Chances are, you'll make friends fast.

2. Take advantage of everything that's offered. There are so many organizations, clubs, events, etc. on campus and it's a great way to meet others in the community and to enhance your time outside of the classroom. As they say, it's the best four years of your life!

3. Get to know your professors. Christie '07 says you'll miss it when you go to a giant university for grad school and have to schedule your professor's time three weeks in advance. At Simmons, professors are super accessible and willing to help you with whatever you need. I know a few that even give out their home phone numbers!

4. "Rain boots, rain boots, rain boots!" Numerous, and I mean numerous Simmons women said to make sure you have a rain coat, mittens (not gloves), scarves, spare socks, and an umbrella. The weather in Boston can be... how do we say... temperamental, so be prepared. You don't want to get stuck in one of our famous Nor'easters without proper attire! Trust me.

5. Enjoy Boston. Get off campus every now and then and hit the town. There's plenty of restaurants, shopping, and art museums right in Simmons's neighborhood, but we're also close to two branches of the Green Line, which can get you to just about anywhere in the city. Just remember to look BOTH WAYS when crossing Brookline Ave ;)

Good luck, ladies! You're going to love it here.

Have your own advice for the Class of 2014? Leave your words of wisdom in the comments section below.

Posted by Amanda Voodre
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