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Get to Know the Class of 2017

Watch: Hear from #Sims17.

With the school year now officially underway we thought it would be great to meet and introduce some of the newest members of the Simmons community, our incoming class of 2017. We all know that starting a new chapter can be nerve racking and even a bit scary, but there is also a lot of optimism and hopefulness. We thought hearing from them would at least calm some fears and build excitement.

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Just in time for the holidays - Volunteering at PBP

I love volunteering, but I never know what exactly I can do.  I know I'm not qualified to be building anything, or cooking anything in mass quantities.   But recently, a fellow classmate advertised the opportunity to volunteer at the Prison...

Posted by Alexandra Bernson on November 24, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

The Rainbow Fairies

I can't believe I am about to say this, but... I don't hate the Rainbow Fairies.  The completely formulaic chapter book series centers on two tween girls, Rachel and Kirstie, who become friends with fairies.  There are about 150 books...

Posted by Alison Mitchell on November 23, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

The Next Step

I'm still mired down in final projects and papers, so it while it feels like last week moved very slowly, I oddly remember very little of it. One momentous thing does stand out, however. Remember a few weeks ago when...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on November 22, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Know Your Professor: Lisa Brown

Meet Lisa Brown, Assistant Professor of nutrition and Dietetic Internship Coordinator. Lisa shared fun facts about herself and some nutritional tips for the holiday season!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 21, 2014
300 The Fenway

NBA All-Stars

NBA in this case is not basketball. It's the National Book Awards which were held last night. I have a lot of interest in the National Book Awards. More specifically, I have a lot of interest in the Young People's...

Posted by Hayley Botnen on November 20, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Photo Friday: November 21st

Welcome back to Photo Friday! What a week to be on campus -- we celebrated Shark Week!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 20, 2014
300 The Fenway

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards

Contributed by: Julie Nickerson   As October flew by and November quickly turns into December, students succumb to the pressure of deadlines and are forced to face the stress of finals. Stress is a topic countless students are faced with,...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 20, 2014
Simmons Life

Where are they now? Katherine Swanson '09

Meet Katherine Swanson, a psychology major and management minor from the class of 2009. Katherine founded her own law firm in Los Angeles, California. We got to ask her a few questions!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 19, 2014
300 The Fenway

Have you read the Career Education Center's blog lately?

The Career Education Center (CEC) has one of our favorite blogs on campus (aside from Sightings, of course.) They offer helpful tips on everything from networking to economic trends - literally, you're "one stop shop" for career advice!  Last month, CEC Coordinator...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on November 19, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog

Social media for the job search

According to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), the percentage of graduating seniors using social media in their job search has grown from 37% in 2010 to 58% in 2014.   So you may be wondering, how do I use...

Posted by Clare Orenstein on November 19, 2014
CEC News Blog

An Evening with SCoSAA

With the final weeks of the fall semester just around the corner, life has been a bit hectic around here. In between the reading, papers, and projects that I need to do for all three of my classes, finding time...

Posted by Jill Silverberg on November 19, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Shark Week! 2014

Contributed by: OSLA     This time of year means one thing is right around the, not finals...SHARK WEEK. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities is excited announce Shark Week 2014! This year OSLA is combining some fun...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 18, 2014
Simmons Life

Prospect Research Internship (Part 2 of 2)

The end of the semester is swiftly approaching, and I have less than a month left of my prospect research internship at Joslin Diabetes Center.  One thing that I've spent a lot of the last month or so doing was...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on November 18, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Professor Terry Plum Travels to Serbia and Kosovo

Terry Plum, Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives and Director of SLIS West, recently traveled to Serbia and Kosovo as part of the State Department's US Speaker Program. During his travels, he gave a presentation and workshop at the BibliTech conference,...

Posted by GSLIS Webmaster on November 17, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Local Bookstore of the Week

Like the good librarian stereotype that I am, I left my two cats to visit David'sTEA (probably while wearing a cardigan) last Saturday when I stumbled upon Commonwealth Books in downtown Boston.  Right off the Freedom Trail, between the Old...

Posted by Alexandra Bernson on November 17, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Application deadline extended to 12/1!

Interested in attending Simmons in the spring? It's not too late! Apply today! Due to increased interest, we have extended the spring application deadline until December 1st. Apply online or contact your admission counselor for more information.  Don't forget to schedule a personalized visit where you can tour...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on November 17, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog

Shark Week 2014

It's Shark Week! Watch the tiniest, cutest shark you can imagine take a tour around campus with Stormy the Shark and get pumped for a week full of Simmons pride!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 17, 2014
300 The Fenway

Since I started library school...

I've noticed that since I started library school, people have been posting an increasing number of library-related things on my Facebook page.   People just like libraries, I guess.  When I was a lawyer, no one posted legal jokes on...

Posted by Alison Mitchell on November 16, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

The Home Stretch

Classes end the first or second week of December (depending on whether or not the class started in the first or second week of September). This generally means that SLIS students are working on a final project for every class...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on November 15, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Photo Friday: November 14th

Welcome back to Photo Friday! This week we're looking at Simmons College Radio and getting a sneak peak of Stormy the Shark's latest adventures.

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 14, 2014
300 The Fenway

Know Your Professor: Catherine Paden

Did you know that Professor Catherine Paden worked at a maximum security prison? Find out about that and more in our latest edition of Know Your Professor!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 13, 2014
300 The Fenway

Simmons School of Management Hosts Health Disparities Event

The Simmons School of Management hosted a Health Disparities event- discussing the nature of disparities and what hospitals can do to respond. In case you missed it, check out some key points through the SOM tweets live from the event.  ...

Posted by Leslee Digirolamo-Magee on November 13, 2014
SOM Blog

6 Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask About A Women's College

Have questions about Simmons but not sure how to ask them? Check out this great video that addresses the 6 most common myths about a women's college!...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 13, 2014
Simmons Life

Thanksgiving Community Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Thanksgiving is a time for connecting with loved ones and expressing gratitude for the good things in life. It is also an important time of year for service. Here are three great ways to give back to our community. Community...

Posted by Amy Keresztes on November 12, 2014
Community Service Blog

President Drinan: Why Transgender Students Belong at Women's Colleges

Read President Helen Drinan's latest Huffington Post Blog: Why Transgender Students Belong at Women's Colleges.

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 11, 2014
300 The Fenway


I've had a few job interviews in the last couple of weeks, and I have another big one coming up soon (so cross your fingers for me, if you would), so it seems like I've been interview prepping for months...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on November 11, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Sweatpants and lovin' it

I made it through high school without drinking coffee.  Despite all of my friends running to Starbucks after school (but before theatre rehearsal), I only developed an addiction to the little packets of honey.  I thought I was being sneaky,...

Posted by Alexandra Bernson on November 10, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Student Blog: My summer internship

What is your name, major and year at Simmons? My name is Katie Pratt. I am an English major here at Simmons, Class of 2016. What are you blogging about? Today I am guest blogging for the CEC about my...

Posted by Student Bloggers on November 10, 2014
CEC News Blog

Librarian Rock Star

This afternoon, at work, I had the most awesome success.  As soon as my shift was over, I called my husband and told him about it.  He was only mildly impressed.  When I picked up my kids at my mother-in-law's,...

Posted by Alison Mitchell on November 9, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

A Bit More Fit

This week I activated my Fitbit Zip, which is like a souped up pedometer that tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. I'm trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, but it's been more like 8,000, if I'm being honest--which I...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on November 8, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Photo Friday: November 7th

Welcome back to Photo Friday! Our campus has entered prime foliage season. Take a look!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 7, 2014
300 The Fenway

Looking to the Future

I'm going to be honest. I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate. And around this time when we're registering for classes and everyone is talking about their future plans, I feel so scared. I love...

Posted by Hayley Botnen on November 6, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Apple Polisher? No, just a Simmons student.

5 tips on being successful in the classroom: Take notes Record what stood out the most/concepts that you will need to know for later on in the semester!   Ask questions Don't be afraid to speak up and ask clarifying...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 6, 2014
Simmons Life

Boston Winter Survival Guide

This past Sunday morning, my roommate ran into the living room of our apartment, opened the window and stuck her head outside of it. "It's snowing out there!" she proclaimed in disbelief. I stood up and joined her at the window...

Posted by Jill Silverberg on November 5, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Where Are They Now? Jennifer Buller '05BA '06MAT '13MS

Welcome back to Where are they now? Meet Jennifer Buller Thompson. With three degrees from Simmons, Jennifer is truly an all-star! She answered our questions about her work as Vice Principal of the Edward Devotion School in Brookline, MA!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 5, 2014
300 The Fenway

Creative Hands

Contributed by: Danny Boucher Do you remember the first time you realized your hands could make something beautiful?   I do.   As a high school student I wanted to take a graphic design class but a prerequisite to the...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 4, 2014
Simmons Life


Edgar Allen Poe is famous for spewing vitriol about Boston and the literary habits of its inhabitants, pretty much from the moment he left Boston to the day of his death.  (The thing that makes it funny, of course, is...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on November 4, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Student Stories: Marcela Jimenez '15

It's election day -- don't forget to vote! We talked to Marcela Jimenez from the class of 2015 about her internship for the Attorney General of Massachusetts candidate, Maura Healey -- and her top 5 reasons why you should get out and vote.

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 3, 2014
300 The Fenway

Mid-Semester Status Update

So -- I'm halfway through my first semester at SLIS.  For anyone out there looking for a status update, especially anyone considering becoming an older student with kids at home and work on the side, here's my assessment of things...

Posted by Alison Mitchell on November 2, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Massachusetts Historical Society Visit

On Thursday night, my Introduction to Archival Methods and Services (LIS 438) class visited the Massachusetts Historical Society. Founded in 1791, the society is an independent research library open to the public that specializes in early American, Massachusetts, and New...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on November 1, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Simmons Speaks: Our Favorite Halloween Movies

Happy Halloween! We asked our community about their favorite Halloween movies. Check out their answers!

Posted by Mary Delaney on October 31, 2014
300 The Fenway


We have six weeks of school left. Not even six weeks! Because of Thanksgiving, we more or less have five weeks of school left! I'm at the point in the semester where all my group projects are looming in November,...

Posted by Hayley Botnen on October 30, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Hey there's Cake! But do you know ?!? It's Founder's Day!

Contributed by: Melissa Shannon     As you all know, Simmtober is a month long celebration of the foundation of Simmons College. Every year Founder's Day is celebrated on October 30th, John Simmons' Birthday. As part of our Celebration, we...

Posted by Stormy Shark on October 30, 2014
Simmons Life

Undecided? You need the new WCIDWTM

Hey, first-years and sophomores! Are you losing sleep at night over a big question looming over you: what are you going to major in? Well, lose sleep no more. Instead let your fingers do the walking across your keyboard...

Posted by Doug Eisenhart on October 30, 2014
CEC News Blog

10 Reasons Why RHA is a Great Organization

Contributed by the Simmon's HRA E-board: Deepa Kumarjiguda, Julie Pallozzi, Raelissa Glennon,Tiffany Pierce, Danny Boucher, Claudia Lawry, Kimmie Ryznal, Julia Belkin   This is a short list of the reasons that the Simmons College Residence Hall Association is an awesome up-and-coming organization on campus. Not familiar with...

Posted by Claudia Lawry on October 30, 2014
Simmons Life

Photo Friday: October 31st

Welcome back to Photo Friday! It's been a wild week on campus -- we celebrated Founder's Day, Halloween and had a powder puff football game!

Posted by Mary Delaney on October 30, 2014
300 The Fenway

Celebrating Founder's Day: 5 Simmons Fun Facts

Happy Founder's Day! Every year on October 30th, we celebrate our amazing founder, John Simmons. Check out the ways we celebrate, and 5 Simmons fun facts!

Posted by Mary Delaney on October 30, 2014
300 The Fenway

Craving Contemplation

Whats up, Clauds? is a new series that chronicles the funny, off wall, and sometimes reflective experiences of Claudia, a Simmons Student just trying to make it to her next class.     First, I just want to take a...

Posted by Claudia Lawry on October 28, 2014
Simmons Life

An Inspiring Interview with Amanda Wagner, SM '06 and One of the 2014 BBJ's 40 Under 40

In September Amanda Wagner, SM '06, was named one of Boston Business Journal's 40 under 40 for 2014. Amanda serves as the Senior Director of Product Planning & Program Management at Concert Pharmaceuticals and was selected out of 350 Boston...

Posted by Audrey Markarian on October 28, 2014
SOM Blog

NEA Mentoring Program

A few months ago the New England Archivists sent around an email to the Simmons email list looking for students or early professionals in the archives field to join a mentoring circle, wherein a few seasoned archivists will give career...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on October 28, 2014
SLIS Student Experience


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