Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for participating in Simmtober! We are so excited for a month celebrating all things Simmons. Simmtober (October 1 – 31) is a social event, and we want you to be prepared to start the month off right. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and share all of your posts using #Simmtober.

Feel free to use this social media tool-kit to help jumpstart your month! Go Simmons!

Hashtag: #simmtober

Follow our official Simmtober Accounts:

Facebook: SimmonsAlumni

Twitter:  SimmonsAlumni

Instagram: SimmonsAlumni

Flickr: SimmonsAlumni

Snapchat: SimmonsAlumni

Write your own posts and tweets using #Simmtober and the link and you can be featured on our tagboard!