Undergraduate Notes

Find out what fellow classmates are doing, and share your own news. Notes received online will be posted in the appropriate class years. Photos of alumnae/i are also welcome; please be sure to include the names of all alumnae/i in the photo along with class years.

Undergraduate Years


In Memoriam

Carolyn Hale

October 3, 2016 - Marilyn Bowden Campbell passed away recently on September 3, 2016, in the company of her family, after an extended illness. She is survived by her husband, Kenneth, a daughter and a son and their families.

Note Submitted: October 03, 2016

Catching Up

Alice Martin Roberts
As of July 21, 2016: My biggest news is that after 11 years of marriage, my daughter, Michelle, and husband Randy decided to have and in fact are now parents of a daughter, Ramona Alice. I visited them for 2 weeks in Abingdon, MD. and returned to MA on Tuesday, July 19th.
Note Submitted: July 21, 2016

Carol Castleman Pohl

As of July 7, 2016: My husband and I are fine. last June we moved 1.5 miles south to Whitefish Bay. We sold our home of 42 years and now are renters in a new "luxury" apartment. 

 It’s been an adjustment for the past 12 months, but now it does feel like our new home and we are entering a new chapter in our life. We are planning to travel to Australia for the month of October to do a nature tour. We’ve been planning this for ages and it's now or never. Australia is our final continent. Unfortunately, we won't get to see New Zealand or Tasmania, but...slightly over a month is long enough for us to be gone. So sorry to hear about Barbara McGaw. I believe we were in the same dorm freshman year. I visited Simmons in the spring of 2015, and brought all sorts of ephemera which will go into the archives. With downsizing, I felt it was time to part with the tangible memories of my 4 years at Simmons. I met the archivist and it seems that there now is more interest in past events and a good place to store them. We are enjoying summer in Wisconsin. I can indulge my gardening interests with our large patio as well as tending the community herb garden. I'm looking forward to being in Boston for my 50th medical school reunion which should occur fall 2017. Hope to see Simmons again when I am there. Happy summer.

Note Submitted: July 11, 2016


Submitted November 14, 2016: Since 1985 I have been living in Concord, CA, about 30 miles directly east of San Francisco. My four children are now all in their 40's and 50's. My nine grandchildren span ages 10 to 30. Two great-grands live in South Carolina. Life is good. In retirement my husband and I have enjoyed many overseas trips, now our adventures take us to places far and wide in the U.S. I'm thinking of Simmons today with the sad news of the death of Gwen Ifill. She came to Simmons long after me but I have always been proud of that association.

Note Submitted: November 14, 2016

Geraldine Morenski

July 6, 2016: Elaine Patrikas ('63) and I just returned from a fantastic tour of the Canadian Rockies. Already looking ahead to 2017 for another check mark on our bucket list!

Note Submitted: July 06, 2016

Harriet Elam- Thomas

Submitted August 17, 2016: Harriet Elam-Thomas  Class of 1963 was the U.S. Ambassador to Senegal from 1999-2002.

A Return to the Land of Teranga

Senegal is lovingly referred to by its people as the land of teranga, which means ‘hospitality’ in Wolof, the predominant national language. The Senegalese consider their particular kind of hospitality, warm and familial, to be a way of life and something in which they take significant pride.

During a recent visit to Dakar, I experienced the teranga of old friends and new acquaintances. I was kindly received at The Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDES), where I spoke to a group of enrolled professionals about “Competence and Diversity in Diplomacy.” One of Africa’s first think tanks, CEDES’s mission is to build capacity among African policy makers in diplomacy and international relations in the private and public sectors. This year’s group included many from West African nations, and I was delighted to see a significant number of women participating.

During my presentation, I highlighted the U.S. diplomatic service’s commitment to preparing Foreign Service Officers who are competent in navigating historical and cultural characteristics during diplomatic negotiations. It is imperative for diplomats to be culturally aware and adaptable to ever-changing environments.

Speaking of ever-changing environments, this presentation took place just two days after Orlando’s tragic event at Pulse nightclub. To me, this shooting sadly illustrated the need for even greater respect and understanding for all in today’s world.

Note Submitted: November 04, 2016

Kathryn Woodward

July 6, 2016: Greetings from Vancouver. Have lived in B.C. since 1969 with my husband, Jim. We have 2 children & 3 grandchildren. We met in the Peace Corps. I went back to school to become a x-ray tech, and later joined Jim doing research and planning in non-profit housing and homelessness. We are now retired.

Note Submitted: July 06, 2016

Martha Pease Cooper

As of July 7, 2016: Martha Pease Cooper wrote the following: My news continues to be about the same. Our 4 daughters and families continue to gather at the usual holidays. We have 7 grandchildren and they all enjoy getting together with their cousins. Ages range from 11 to 19. Bill and I enjoy going to our Maine cottage in the summer and travel about once or twice a year. A small ship trip is planned for the fall. Sadly, my mother died in late May at the young age of 104.75. (My brother added the .75.) She was a Simmons Alum also. Hope all is fine with you and classmates. Sad to hear about Barbara McGaw Gracki.

Note Submitted: July 08, 2016


Catching Up

Myrna Kasser
We had a really lovely reunion at the end of May. Sorry if you couldn't make it! Happy if you did! The college has done some amazing things in the 55 (good grief!) years we've been gone, mostly all to the good. Please send some news via this website if you can! Richard Druckman took some really lovely photos of those of us who were at the dinner Saturday night. Contact me if you'd like a copy of the Word doc I've pasted them into. myrna@twokassers.com
Note Submitted: August 07, 2017


In Memoriam

Carol Woolf

Submitted March 19, 2017: Barry Gersh, husband of Naomi Wolin Gersh passed away on March 13 in Delray Beach Florida. Naomi's address is 8486 Hawks Gully Ave, Delray Beach Fl 33446. Our class sends deepest sympathy to Naomi and her family.

Note Submitted: March 19, 2017