Meet Your Admissions Counselor!

The Simmons admission team is here to answer your questions about the admission process, our academic programs, campus life, Boston, or anything else on your mind. We can also arrange for professors, students, coaches, and others to email you about internship opportunities, social life, sports, and other special programs.

Contact your counselor directly - we are here for you!

Ellen JohnsonEllen Johnson

Director of Undergraduate Admission
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Counselor for:
  • CO, MN

Dayna BradstreetDayna Bradstreet

Assistant Director
phone: 617-521-2502
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Counselor for:
  • CT: Eastern (060-063)
  • NJ
  • Transfer Students: Last Name M-Z  
  • Dix Scholars: Last Name M-Z
  • Dix Scholars: RN-BSN Completion Programs
  • Current Simmons MSN students

Charlotte LandonCharlotte Landon

Admission Counselor
phone: 617-521-2056
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Counselor for:
  • MA: Boston Metro South (020, parts of 021 & 022)
  • MA: South Shore, Cape & Islands (023, 025-027)

Emily ManningEmily Manning

Admission Counselor
phone: 617-521-2420

Counselor for:
  • CA. FL, NH, RI

Sydney MorganSydney Morgan

Admission Counselor
phone: 617-521-2524

Counselor for:
  • DC, GA, ME, MD, VA
  • Transfer Students: Last Name A-L 
  • Dix Scholars: Last Name A-L

Vivian Phelan

Admission Assistant
phone: 617-521-2558

Counselor for:
  • Non-Degree

Jillian Ruddock

Admission Counselor
phone: 617-521-2045
Learn more about Jillian.

Counselor for:
  • CT: Western (064-069)
  • MA: Central and Western (010-016)
  • NY: Westchester (105-109)
  • NY: Long Island (00501, 00544, 06390, 11001-11003, 11010-11099, 115, 117-11980)
  • PA, VT

Samantha Shepard GuerinoniSamantha Shepard-Guerinoni

Assistant Director
Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
phone: 617-521-2046
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Counselor for:
  • IL, TX
  • MA: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville (part of 021)
  • NY: New York City (100-104, 11004-11005, 11101-11499, 11690-11697)

Liz van Luling

Admission Counselor
phone: 617-521-2500
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Counselor for:
  • MA: Boston North & West (017, 024, part of 021)
  • NY: Upstate (120-149)
  • OR, WA

Heather ZemanHeather Zeman

Senior Assistant Director
Coordinator of International Recruitment
phone: 617-521-2052
Learn more about Heather

Counselor for:
  • AK, AL, AR, AZ, DE, HI, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV, OH, OK, PR, SC, SD, TN, UT, WI, WV, WY
  • MA: North Shore (018-019)
  • International Students
  • US Citizens living abroad