Taking summer classes at Simmons can be a great way to lighten your course load during the fall and spring semesters, but costs often play a determining factor in whether or not this is an option. At Simmons, there is funding available to help you with these costs! Please refer to the section below which best describes your student type for more information on your eligibility.

Undergraduate Students

While students do not currently qualify for state grants during the summer semester, recent changes in regulations now allow students to receive a portion of their annual Pell Grant entitlement during the summer term. Additionally, you will qualify for a portion of your annual Simmons Grant and Stafford Loan funding as long as you enroll in at least 6 total credits during the summer semester. Merit scholarships are generally not available, but please check with your assigned financial aid officer for confirmation if your original award letter indicated otherwise.

Graduate Students

As long as you register for at least 5 total credits during the summer semester, you will qualify for a portion of your Stafford Loan and could qualify for a portion of your merit scholarship depending on the terms outlined by the award letter you received when you were accepted to your program. Merit scholarship eligibility is determined by your program, so please be sure to touch base with them if you have questions concerning summer funding.

All Students

In order for us to determine the amount of funding for which you are eligible, please be sure to submit your FAFSA and Student Information Form as early as you can each spring.

While we determine your aid eligibility, you can estimate the cost of your classes by multiplying the per credit rate of your program, found on our Tuition and Fees page, by the number of credits you will take during summer. Don't worry about any of the fees as only tuition is assessed during the summer! 

Once you have received your award letter and have calculated your estimated summer tuition, you should have an idea of how much additional funding, if any, you will need in order to cover your costs. If you are not able to cover the full cost of your classes with a combination of your eligible aid and out-of-pocket payment, then you can borrow to cover any remaining balance or expenses. Since summer is the beginning of the financial aid year, you should borrow enough to cover the full, upcoming year - not just summer. If you need help determining this amount, please reach out to our office or refer to our 'How to Apply' page. Hopefully you will find the sections on 'planning' and 'taking action' particularly helpful!

Please note that we do not have Tuition Payment Plans available for the summer semester.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions!