Financial Literacy

Expand your knowledge

Financial literacy is necessary whether you're beginning college as an undergrad, continuing your education as a graduate student, or managing your student loan repayments as an alum. It requires a broad knowledge of financial planning, budgeting, and debt management – and is essential to a future of financial well-being.

Simmons is committed to helping students make educated, responsible decisions about their finances – both throughout their studies, and once they become successful graduates. To support this commitment, Simmons has partnered with American Student Assistance (ASA), a national non-profit dedicated to helping students succeed.

SALT logoSALT, their online financial literacy tool, is now available for all Simmons students - and registration is free! The site includes loan debt calculators, scholarship search tools, downloadable e-books, and live online chat with financial counselors. Students can explore topics about loan forgiveness, income based repayment, interest rates, and view the latest news about federal loan programs. We hope you find the site useful, and welcome any feedback you have.