Study Abroad

Interested in studying, volunteering or getting an internship abroad? We're ready to talk with you and answer your questions about studying abroad next semester, next year or next summer.

The application deadline for all Summer and Fall 2016 programs is March 15, 2016. This deadline has passed, and we are now reviewing all applications for approval.

Make Study Abroad a Reality

Check out our video on making study abroad a reality.

Studying Abroad in Denmark

Helen was named the Official Graphic Design Blogger for her Danish program!

Why Study Abroad?

"The study abroad office at Simmons helped me figure out which opportunities and paths of study I most want to pursue. I decided to study in Granada, Spain for a month. I would go again in a heartbeat."

- Sarah O'Reilly '14
Henry J. Halko and Jane Curtin Halko '45 Travel Abroad Scholarship Recipient

"It's great that Simmons is expanding study abroad opportunities for students. I went to the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. The experience made me become a stronger person — both physically and mentally — and also more independent."

- Laura Biren '12

"Studying and living among people different than myself allowed me to become immersed in new languages and cultures that enriched to my study abroad experience and life as a whole. The benefits to studying abroad are endless, providing students with an amazing opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and see what the world has to offer. "

- Miranda McDaniel '13
Bowker Grant Scholarship Recipient