First Year

Your first year at Simmons, you'll focus on knowledge and exposure: immersion in university-level work and expectations, entrance into an academic community, exposure to new ideas, and the first steps in leadership development. 

You'll take:

The Boston Course

Fall Semester, 4 credits

In this writing-intensive first year seminar, you will engage with the City of Boston through topics such as “News@Boston”, “Plants and Society”, and “Race and Sports in Boston”. Based on faculty passions and expertise, these courses run the gamut of disciplinary focus. They share a focus on the development of writing skills, information literacy and critical analysis.

The Simmons Course: Explore

Fall Semester, 2 credits

This course supports Simmons students in their transition to university. The primary goals of the course are to introduce students to Simmons, the navigation of cultural differences, self-management, and to what it means to engage with your community.

The Leadership Course

Spring Semester, 4 credits

This course challenges you to think about yourself as a leader. You'll learn about building relationships across differences, how to communicate a compelling narrative in writing and public speaking, how to make ethical decisions and speak up in the face of injustice, and the importance of team leadership and followership.