IES Siena (Italy)

Siena, Italy

Study in Siena, Italy: nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is a top tourist destination well known for its art, cuisine, and medieval architecture!

Host Institution: The IES Siena campus offers a rigorous Business & Economics of Italian Gastronomy Program ideal for Business, Econ, Agribusiness, Environmental Studies, Political Science, and Agricultural Economics students. Simmons students enroll in four courses for a total of 12 credits where you will explore how business and economic concepts are woven into the fabric of the Italian food industry. Imagine exploring global marketing strategies one day and visiting a local Brunello wine producer with international distribution the next. How about studying EU agriculture policy and then talking to the owner of an agriturismo farm about how these policies impact his business?

Majors*: Ideal for students studying business, the humanities, liberal arts, and Italian language. IES Siena course offerings also fulfill many Key Contact Areas (KCAs).

Housing*: Students reside in shared apartments within commuting distance of campus.

Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA.

For more information about the IES Siena program, please click here.

Students can begin an application here.

*Coursework and housing are subject to change based on availability.

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