Health Insurance Requirements

Receiving Health Care While at School

Simmons University is located in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, home to many health care facilities, including four teaching hospitals associated with Harvard Medical School. The University also has its own Health Center, where many students, including international students, receive basic health care services while at school. The Health Center is staffed by nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians; the physicians are also associated with Harvard Medical School. The Health Center offers a wide variety of primary care services: to see a full listing, visit the

Health Center website. Twenty-four hour telephone coverage is available when the Health Center is closed. Students are referred to the hospital for services not available at the Health Center, such as specialty care, radiology testing or emergency room visits.

Paying for Health Care: Medical Insurance and Fees

Primary care services offered at the Health Center are paid for either through a student health fee required of all undergraduate students and graduate students living on campus, or, in the case of graduate students with school insurance, by billing school insurance. In either of those cases there is no charge to the student for most Health Center visits.

For services provided outside of the Health Center (e.g., hospital visits, lab services) students must have insurance. Many of these services are quite expensive and in order to guarantee that all students who use hospitals, laboratories and other health care services in Massachusetts are able to pay, the state requires all students to carry health insurance. It's the policy of many colleges, including Simmons that international students purchase the health insurance plan offered by the University(SHIP) rather than trying to use policies originating in other countries that might not be accepted locally. This policy guarantees that international students will have the same complete access to care that is available to students with United States based health care plans. In addition, the school policy (SHIP) has provisions to cover students' return home if they need to do so for medical reasons.

The Simmons web site offers more information about health services, insurance and fees. For more about insurance and its cost, see Student Financial Services and choose "international students" from the menu on the left. For information about fees in general, see Simmons Health Center.

For additional information about health care while at school, including submission of required health information and immunization forms, check out the Health Center website.

Feel free to E-mail the Health Center assistant director with any health concerns or questions you may have ( Be assured that the Health Center has a strict policy of confidentiality and does not share individual student health information with any outside parties, including College administrators, except as required by law. 
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