Apply to Jobs

While we don’t recommend that you spend more than 20% of your time applying to jobs online, you should use online job boards to learn about who is hiring and what type of opportunities are available.

Respond to appropriate job postings and follow up appropriately (this includes using your network!). Many companies require candidates to upload profiles and resumes – this is becoming the norm. This is not a waste of time as many recruiters and hiring managers search their resume databases for candidates. Be sure your resume is using the applicable “keywords” based on functional and industry interests as stated above.

Company Websites

A visit the to company website is always the best way to learn about the organization’s hiring needs. They might even have a section dedicated to students that will provide you with information about special programs and offerings. You should check your target company’s website regularly for new postings. 

Career Connect

Career Connect is the SOM's job board. We post jobs and opportunities we learn about from employers and employers visit the site to post jobs directly to you. We approve all the jobs that are posted to this site to make sure that they match your needs.


The LinkedIn job board is becoming more useful every day. Most posting require applicants to apply directly to through LinkedIn – which means your profile needs to be updated. Using this job board makes it easy to find the right people to network with for the position.

Job Boards