Career Outcomes

Professors aren't the only experts at Simmons. One of the great things about Simmons is the talented company you'll keep.

SOM students, on average, have seven years of work experience in fields as diverse as financial services, technology, marketing, teaching, art, telecommunications, and healthcare. Our graduates choose to lead, ranking among some of the finest management professionals in their fields and frequently honored for their skill and innovation.

While their experience and aspirations vary, SOM students share the distinctive dedication and leadership necessary to achieve remarkable careers. Together with faculty and alumni, they participate in an active professional network, often leading to research collaboration, alumni-mentored job placements, and other career opportunities.

Success Stories

Gretchen P. Fox '87 SOM, president and founder, FOX Relocation Management, Corp.

Gretchen Fox acknowledges that she has always been somewhat of an iconoclast. "As a child, I questioned authority and popular ideas and the reasons for strict policies and procedures. Now as founder and president of my own company, I authorize very few written policies and promote tremendous flexibility in work hours and styles."

Ana Clara Destefani '06 SOM, accountant

Can one accountant make a difference in improving a country's economy? What if that country were Argentina, which experienced economic collapse in 2001 and is now struggling through a recovery? Ana Clara Destefani believes one accountant can make a difference and she intends to do just that when she returns to her native Argentina after securing her MBA at Simmons.

Lora Nielsen '04 SOM

Lora Nielsen experienced a number of memorable insights while obtaining her MBA in the SOM's 18-month program, but none bigger than the one she experienced in her Operations class. "I learned about the Toyota Production System or 'The Toyota Way,' as they call it there. It's core to everything they do in their business of manufacturing cars. The system was fascinating, and their approach really resonated with me. I knew that to fully learn the Toyota Way, I needed to be there on the ground and live it day after day."

Gail Snowden '78 SOM, vice president for finance and operations, The Boston Foundation

Gail Snowden is one of the SOM's most respected alumnae. A veteran of the banking industry and a nationally recognized leader in urban community development, she received the White House Ron Brown Award for Advocating for the Needs of Minority and Low-Income Constituents in 1999. The award honored Snowden and her then-employer BankBoston for their efforts in establishing a Community Bank division. "I still get chills thinking about it," exclaims Snowden.

Mary Ann Tocio '92 SOM, president and COO, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the world's largest provider of employer supported child care, early education, and work/life solutions.

Mary Ann Tocio admits with a laugh that when she entered the SOM in 1989, she really didn't think she'd learn that much. As a 40-year-old, senior-level manager for a Boston-based health care provider, she was interested in securing the MBA credential to validate her work experience and better position herself for an eventual job change.

Lolita Walker '03 SOM, manufacturing project manager, The Gillette Company

Lolita Walker is a motivated and determined woman. When she sets her sights on something, she typically achieves it. Entering the Gillette Company as an industrial engineer in 2000, Walker quickly set her sights on management and determined the best way to accomplish that at Gillette was to secure her MBA and demonstrate sound managerial decisions.

Maicharia Z. Weir Lytle '05 SOM, executive director, Organization for a New Equality (ONE)

Maicharia Weir Lytle describes her life as a series of choices -- some minor, some major, but all crucial in leading her to one of the most important decisions she has ever made -- choosing to be a leader. "When I accepted the executive director position at the Organization for a New Equality, I accepted the role of leader, but I did not fully appreciate what it meant to lead. I now understand that taking on real leadership is a choice - and deciding to get my MBA at the Simmons School of Management helped me to make that choice."

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